Rev. Al Sharpton Says Joe Rogan Must Do More to Prove He's Sorry

Al Sharpton says Joe Rogan needs to do more to prove he’s learned from this controversy over his use of the n-word — but what “more” looks like, exactly, is still a bit hazy.

We got the reverend Monday in NYC and asked if he was buying JR’s apology, and while Sharpton says the guy seems sincere, he’d like to see some actions behind the words to show true penance.

As he points out, Joe didn’t just drop the n-word a couple times … he said it several times, and not just that — the apology came after he was exposed by the resurfacing of old clips, instead of an upfront confession.

With that in mind — and with a shout-out to India Arie for bringing this to light in the first place — Rev. Sharpton suggests Joe do something to right the ship. Interestingly, he says a meeting with community leaders, as is often done, probably won’t cut it.

He kinda leaves it in Joe’s court on how to proceed.

Final thoughts from Al … he says he won’t lose any sleep if Spotify did dump JRE from its roster, noting there’s plenty of other unproblematic talent in their ranks.

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