RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Claims ‘You Can’t Spread What You Don’t Have’ After COVID-19 Superspreader Videos Go Viral

Kelly Dodd has come under fire following her comments about being part of a “super-spreader” event over the weekend with some of her friends.

The 45-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star posted a handful of videos on her Instagram Story over the weekend, which featured herself, husband Rick Leventhal and a few of their friend at a get together outdoors at Billy’s at the Beach in Newport Beach, Calif.

In one of the videos, Kelly was enjoying the gathering and raised her glass to “super-spreaders” while one of her friends fake coughed after shouting, “Spread that s***!”

In a follow up video the day after, Kelly addressed the backlash to the videos, and shared that she was “getting a lot of hate for being at a restaurant we’re allowed to be at.”

Kelly added, “I’m not a super-spreader because there’s nothing to spread. We all got the vaccine and we don’t have it, so there’s nothing to spread about super-spreaders.”

“The sheeple are mad,” she concluded.

The first videos prompted her removal from Positive Beverage as an ambassador and stakeholder.

“Today was a rough day: our stakeholder, Kelly Dodd, was distanced from our company as an ambassador of the brand after the recent weeks and days of social media presence, indicating her opinions about people and the pandemic,” founder and CEO, Zach Muchnick, shared of the decision to US Weekly.

He continued, “Unfortunately, these values weren’t aligned with our tone and priorities of inclusion, diversity, wellness and health within every pillar of daily life. While she remains a minority shareholder in the company, we made the decision today to formally sever ties with her endorsement and likeness with our brand, so that we can continue our charge to spread good vibes and healthy hydration to everyone!”

Read her response to that below:

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