Rihanna ‘Can’t Wait’ To Drop New Music: ‘Secret Collaborations’ Being Recorded For New Album

Fans can’t wait for Rihanna to drop new music, but is the multi-talented star ready to release another album anytime soon? We’ve got all the details!

Rihanna, 30, is one of the most iconic singers alive, so it’s no wonder fans around the world are dying to know when she plans on releasing new music. It’s been two whole years since the “Needed Me” hit-maker dropped her last album, Anti, and anticipation is growing as to when she will bless music lovers with another set of hit tracks. But not so fast, as Rihanna is known for speaking her mind and doing things at her own pace, so the thought of a new album anytime soon may sadly have to wait. “Rihanna can’t wait to release more new music, but she feels most creative when she is not feeling pressured or stressed out,” a source close to the songstress EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

“She has a few artists she is secretly collaborating with and a few others she wants to produce tracks for her,” the pal added. “But whether she hears it from fans or her label, Rihanna does not like to feel bullied or attacked by anyone to do anything.” Although fans may not expect to hear anything new in the near future, Rihanna is such a legend because she’s never been one who is afraid of speaking her mind or backing down. The insider continued, “Rihanna has always worked best on her own time schedule and she feels like she is never late with anything and that she will release new music when she feels the time is right.”

And we don’t blame her! The Barbadian beauty has quite a full plate focusing on everything from starring in movies, to her multimillion-dollar cosmetics line, her lucrative collaborations with Puma, and more. The source said, “Rihanna has been spending time in the studio recording, but she has also been busy acting, focusing on Fenty Beauty and doing a lot of other projects she is passionate about. She will release new music when it is ready.”  

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