‘Rihanna’s baby is going to be born into Black excellence, says Judi Love

Judi Love has sent her congratulations to Rihanna on the announcement that she's expecting her first baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

In her latest column for OK!, the Loose Women star said she thinks the singer's baby is going to be "born into Black excellence".

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After a fabulous week away in Dubai, I’m back at work. I’ve returned to Loose Women and had a great chat with the girls about self-care last week. On Friday, I was on The Last Leg, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year – what an achievement! I’ve got a few

other projects on the go, too. It’s been a juggle to balance my own growth with all my children’s activities and clubs. I’m hoping I’ll get another little holiday soon, too. I’d love to go to Tenerife and visit Big Narstie’s new Jamaican restaurant, the first of its kind on the island. Watch this space…

Congrats Riri!

I’m so happy about Rihanna’s pregnancy news. From the start of her career, she’s been a free spirit. She’s been unlucky in love in the past, so seeing her happy with A$AP Rocky – another talented young artist – and having a baby, is really sweet. We’ll have to wait a little longer for an album by the sounds of it, but let’s get ready for the Fenty babywear!

She’s an award-winning musician, an entrepreneur, and now she feels ready to have a baby with someone who she’s really in love with. That baby is going to born into Black excellence, which is a lovely thing.


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Whoopi fallout

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg was suspended from her talk show, The View, over insensitive comments she made about the Holocaust. Many people have a history of dealing with racism and it’s not always obvious to others that they carry a lot of pain. In times like this, where comments have caused offence, it’s always best to reflect on why that is and get further understanding. This is something Whoopi has done.

I hope her apology is recognised and others will take note too, to further educate themselves on the issue that divides us the most, race.

Sad goodbyes

We’ve had two tragic losses in the entertainment industry. Cheslie Kryst, former Miss USA and TV host, died in what was believed to be suicide aged 30. And actor Moses J Moseley also died in a suspected suicide.

Moses, 31, is best known for The Walking Dead, and Cheslie was a respected host. It makes you think that it doesn’t matter how well someone is doing in their career orhow perfect their life looks, we should always check in on our loved ones. My heart goes out to their families.

Tom and Zendaya

It’s been reported that Spider-Man couple, Tom Holland and Zendaya, are buying a house together in London. I’m so happy for them and think they’re a lovely couple.

They always seem like best friends in interviews and that does make the basis for a great relationship.

Us Brits are always ready to welcome Hollywood stars, so it’s exciting that Zendaya could base herself in London.

Going back to her roots

I watched the Janet Jackson documentary and it made me realise that you can get so lost in who famous people are in this present moment, and forget where they come from.

The programme shows Janet going back to her childhood home, a two- bedroom apartment. When you hear about her relationship with her dad, it sounds so different to how Michael’s was.

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