Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: New, Improved… and Totally Over Jen Harley!

We’re about to embark on a brand new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

And we’re also about to meet a brand new Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

According to those that know the reality star best, at least.

“We’re so excited and so proud to see this version of Ronnie,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino told Us Weekly while promoting the upcoming fourth season of the aforementioned reality program.

He added to this tabloid:

“We call it ‘stable Ronnie.’

“It’s good to see a happy, funny Ronnie on TV because [he’s] tons of fun.”

Ronnie, of course, has been quite unstable for over two years now.

That timeline coincides with the long-time MTV personality hooking up with Jen Harley and then having a daughter named Ariana with her.

It took mere weeks after this toddler’s birth for Harley to trash Ronnie as a deadbeat dad and for Ronnie to refer to Harley as a cheater and, ear muffs, kids.. a cum dumpster.

This war of social media words was only the beginning, too.

At one point, Harley was arrested for, literally, dragging Ronnie across the street by her car.

Just over a year ago, meanwhile, Ronnie was the one who got arrested — for allegedly holding a knife to Harley’s throat and then stealing Ariana from her arms and then barricading himself inside of a rented home in Los Angeles.

The police then arrived.

And they had to taser Ronnie in order to apprehend him.

Ronnie eventually agreed to a plea deal and will not spend any time behind bars.

Thankfully, it also appears as if he won’t spend any more time in bed with Harley, either.

Late last month, Ortiz-Magro was spotted getting VERY cozy with someone named Saffire Matos.

“You can’t force happiness, when you know it’s real you realize it eventually chooses you! #HappinessIsAGift #ThankFul,” wrote Ronnie as a caption to the image below.

Vinny Guadagnino, meanwhiile, also talked to Us Weekly and echoed what The Situation had to say about his longtime costar’s great mood these days.

“I’m happy [that] he’s happy,” Guadagnino said.

“That man has definitely turned his life around. And that’s the biggest highlight of this next season is Ronnie was, like, present and there.

“That man showed up. … We’ve seen Ronnie go through a lot of struggles.”

Ronnie was charged with seven misdemeanors for the frightening incident described above, including:

Domestic violence, child endangerment, brandishing a weapon, criminal threats, false imprisonment, and two counts of resisting arrest.

Ortiz-Magro was also hit with a protective order that prevented him from seeing his daughter for many months.

As you can see here, however, this order has since been lifted:

It sounds, though, as if Matos really is having a positive influence on Ronnie.

“Vinny met her last night and he likes her already,” Ortiz-Magro told Us Weekly.

“I would definitely say I’m in the happiest place I’ve been in a long time.

“You know, I feel like in the past I’ve always said, ‘I’m happy and I’m in a good place.’ I feel like I finally really have found my happiness.”

We’re very glad to hear it.

Season 4 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation kicks off on MTV on Thursday, November 19 with back-to-back episodes.

Get your first look at what’s on tap via this preview:

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