Ross Butler Encourages Fans To Embrace Their Creativity in Series of New Tweets

Ross Butler is encouraging his fans in the best way in a new series of tweets.

The 13 Reasons Why star opened up to fans on social media about their inner creativity and sharing how he embraced his own.

“Just a #MondayMotivation PSA: I play piano, sing with my guitar, carve wood, be creative, primarily for myself and on occasion, I’ll happily share with you all,” Ross wrote. “What you don’t see are the countless hours of blistered hands and callused fingers it takes. But it’s all worth it.”

He continued, “5 years ago I couldnt play a chord on the guitar, let alone hold a note with my voice. Sometimes I still cant. But the joy it gave me to sit in my living room and unharmoniously jam all alone gradually made me more comfortable to share and express myself through another medium.”

“So find something creative to do, first and foremost, for YOURSELF,” Ross added. “The happiness it nurtures carries over to other parts of your life, and through struggle and practice, you’ll come out the other side bringing art to the world, and hopefully, make others happy too.”

This is great advice!

If you missed it, check out Ross‘ recent cover of BTS‘ “Waste It On Me” below!

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