Royal fans concerned over Queens purple hands in recent pics amid health worries

Royal fans have shared their concern for Her Majesty The Queen after seeing recent pictures of her.

Worries over her hands being "purple" have led to a fresh wave of fears for the 95 year old monarch's health.

The images in question showed the Queen clasping her hands together and gesturing with them as she spoke during an important meeting with General Sir Nick Carter, Britain's Chief of the Defence Staff.

The General is due to step down from his role this month, so the Queen arranged a meeting with him at Windsor Castle, where she is mostly living and staying this year.

The Royal leader received the General in her Oak Room, and the pair were seen standing and talking and Sir Nick wore his best military regalia for the special meeting.

The Queen opted to wear a floral print dress and a set of delicate pearls round her neck for the occasion, along with a pair of black low-heeled shoes and tights.

Her silver curls were immaculate as always and the monarch wore light makeup and maroon lipstick.

Fans were thrilled the Queen has returned to her royal duties after weeks of health concerns, as sadly she was forced to miss the Remembrance Service last weekend due to a back sprain.

Before that, she was unfortunately required to bow out of other important engagements due to an undisclosed health concern that required her to spend a night in hospital undergoing tests.

But the colouring of the Queen's hands has some worried, as in some cases it could be an indicator of the health condition peripheral cyanosis which can be caused by arterial and blood supply problems.

"Lovely to see HM up and about. But are her hands OK. They look very cold!" one fan commented on the Royal family's official Twitter page.

"Her hands are looking a bit purple compared to her face …that isn’t right," another worried follower posted.

While a third person wrote: "Her hands are bright purple and her skin is pale and yellowish. I care dearly for the Queen but I fear all is not well," followed by: "Why are her hands so purple? A little worried about her seeing that. :("

Others pointed out that General Sir Nick Carter also appeared to have the same skin tone, leading to other fans to suggest staff needed to turn up the central heating in the centuries-old castle.

Also trying to help Royal fans assuage their fears, another person offered: "That happens when you get older.

"Veins visible trough the skin, which gives a blue sheen. I have the same, though I am far from 95."

Others agreed and said that it was "normal" for the Queen to have discolouration in her hands at her age.

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