Royal sources insist that Prince Andrew ‘can do a lot of good’ if he’s rehabilitated

Over the weekend, the Sunday Times had a curious and awful story: “Prince Andrew, disgraced and downbeat, dreams of a comeback.” This sub-genre of royal reporting has been happening since late 2019, let’s be honest. Prince Andrew was forced to “step back” from public life following his Newsnight interview, and yet days after he was fired from royal life, the rehabilitation campaign began in earnest. If not for the pandemic, Andrew would have been back at public royal events with regularity in 2020. The Queen has always had Andrew’s back, and she’s always agreed with him that he should be allowed to “come back.”

Just recently, following Andrew’s appearance at the Queen’s side at Prince Philip’s memorial service, sources told the Mirror that Andrew settled with Virginia Giuffre “for the good of the family and that’s that. He’s very much of the view that he is a young man and has plenty to offer. He’s not going to just sit at home and do nothing until the end of his days.” I took this to mean that Andrew is openly blackmailing Charles and trying to get a big chunk of cash to go away. This Times piece is just a continuation of that – open blackmail, plus Andrew being utterly clueless about how disgusting he is and how no one wants him.

Andrew’s rehabilitation: Despite the tide of sentiment against him and the palace insiders who insist that there can be no return, sources confirmed that the duke still harbours ambitions of a public role. “In the past, he has done a lot of good things for charities, also in his capacity as UK trade ambassador,” one said. “If he is rehabilitated, then I think he can do a lot of good. The settlement had no admission of guilt.” Others willing to speak in his defence believe that his treatment has been unfair.

Poor Andrew is in a bad place: “He’s clearly in an awful place,” a source who knows the duke said. “If you read it [the Instagram post], it was incredibly personal, and incredibly thoughtful. Even the reaction to that . . . here he was as a veteran sharing something deeply personal on this important anniversary — it was surprising that it couldn’t be read as what it was. There are rightfully some questions of him but there is rarely a balanced judgment of him in the media. He has a lot to give to people who will let him give.”

Andrew’s ambitions: “His ambition to return to public life and his belief that he can be of service remains undimmed,” a royal source told The Times this week. “But he is the only one who sees it that way.”

Andrew does have some support within the family: Although a picture has been painted of a family at loggerheads with Andrew, it is understood that he has continued to receive kindness and support from his siblings behind the scenes. Charles, 73, “has a very clear delineation in his mind”, the royal source said. “On the one hand, the Duke of York is his brother whom he loves, who he will support as any sibling would through difficult times, just as support has been offered by the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex. What they [the siblings] are very good at is understanding the difference between the family dynamic and the institutional need.” Charles is “less sympathetic” when it comes to the duke’s public role — and his view that there is no way back for his beleaguered brother is unlikely to change. “The recent events will have only served to strengthen that position. But although there is increasing consultation between the Queen, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge, the Queen remains at the helm of this ship.”

Andrew’s coming to the Jubbly: Another royal source, after the duke attended Philip’s service, told The Times that if other non-working royals such as his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, were present, then he could be too. “He is the Queen’s son, so there has to be an acceptance that he can be at a family event,” they said. It is thought that the Derby and a service celebrating the Queen’s reign at St Paul’s Cathedral are the most likely possibilities.

Prince William hasn’t done anything: The role of the Duke of Cambridge in the meetings over Andrew’s future has perhaps been overstated, another source suggested. “The [discussions] around Andrew have been pretty much in the hands of the Prince of Wales and the siblings,” they said. “That’s not to say he didn’t have an opinion.”

[From The Sunday Times]

Yeah, I’ve been reading variations of this for two and a half years. Andrew should have been fired from royal life and exiled completely back in 2019. Period, the end. The fact that royal reporters are still putting up with this farce of “Andrew could genuinely come back” just shows how out-of-touch Andrew, the Queen and the entire royal establishment really are. And to be clear, again, this is the Queen. No one can tell her sh-t, no one can say “stop embiggening your degenerate son, it is harming the institution.” So I say, just let her keep doing it. Nothing’s going to change, this rapist human trafficker is going to be front-and-center at all of the Jubbly events and it will be the last gasp of this f–king mob family.

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