Ryan Dorsey Addresses "Nonsense" Nickayla Rivera Speculation in Emotional Video

Ryan Dorsey is speaking out amid continued inappropriate speculation about his relationship with Naya Rivera’s sister, Nickayla, following news that they moved in together. In an emotional Instagram video, Ryan said “I can’t believe that this is real life and I’m about to address any of this nonsense. I haven’t really read the news or social media in months, sometime in July. I usually don’t read comments on my own stuff because I just know how there can be 50 good things said and five negative ones. And somehow as humans we somehow get those five negative ones stuck in our heads wondering how people could say certain things.”

He continued, “It’s truly sad that this is the world that we live in, where people were raised to think it’s okay to just spew hatred in general, especially when they make statements about a family who are dealing with a tragedy that I hope is so unimaginable that you or anyone that is close to you ever has to go through.”

When it comes to speculation about his relationship with Nickayla, he said “Shit man, I wish I was worried about a relationship right now. Not thinking about this and living with this every day.”

🗣Its not always black and white.

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In the emotional video, the actor also explained how Nickayla ended up living with his and Naya’s son, Josey:

Nickayla commented on the speculation yesterday, writing “In the darkest time of my life, the only thing that is important is my friends & family. Showing up for my nephew, even though I can’t show up for myself. Im not concerned with the ways things look because no one can see each agonizing moment we all endure. What matters most I’ve learned, is to show compassion, not to judge others and never take a moment for granted. I hope you all can do the same.”

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