Sam Smith and Normani Release their Catchy Collab “Dancing with a Stranger” … Which Debuts at No.1 on iTunes

Today, Sam Smith and Normani released their new collaboration “Dancing with a Stranger.” The song apparently came about by pure chance. Sam Smith was doing some compositional work at a commercial studio when Normani rented a space nearby at the same studio to work on a recording. The two bumped into each other in a hallway at the studio.

In the conversation that followed, the British multi-Grammy winner mentioned he was a big fan of Normani’s work. And that seems to be all that it took for a pop collab to happen …

In terms of its sound, the single gives off classic Nineties-style pop-R&B vibes — which seems to be a vocal sweet-spot for both singers. The track debuted at No.1 on iTunes earlier this morning. So it seems like people are at least initially enjoying those Nineties-style vibes.

You can listen to the new song below.  

(Image source: Youtube)

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