Scott Disick’s Instagram Praising Kourtney Kardashian As A Mother Is So Sweet

Scott Disick is getting sentimental. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is known for his snide humor and incessant jokes, but on Dec. 14, he took a more serious tone when speaking on how much Kourtney Kardashian means to him. They may have split years ago, but Scott Disick’s Instagram praising Kourtney Kardashian as a mother shows the strength of their friendship.

Disick and Kardashian are known for their exemplary co-parenting skills, and though they called it quits romantically in 2015, they’re closer than ever. Not only have they been known to vacation together and spend holidays together, but they’re always seemingly supportive of each other’s new relationships. Most importantly, they work together to be the best parents possible for their kids. In Disick’s new photo, Reign and Penelope Disick were seen sitting on their laps as both parents flashed wide smiles.

"Thank you @kourtneykardash for being the best baby maker in town, I couldn’t have asked for a better person in the world to have these amazing children with," Disick captioned his post.

"I love u and our family more than anything in the world," he added. You can see Disick’s Instagram praising Kardashian below.

Kardashian has also been known to share a sweet word or two about Disick. In a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter, she gushed about his parenting skills.

"I think he’s grown up so much over the years, and we did breakup at one point for six months before I got pregnant with Mason. I think everything happens for a reason, and it’s meant to be. And he’s grown so much as a person. I love seeing him as a dad. He’s a great dad. He’s great with Mason."

Kardashian and Disick are well aware their situation is non- traditional, but they’re happy with their co-parenting routine. "We’re not getting back together right now, but I don’t know what the future holds in life. We’re just doing our best to be the best parents," Kardashian told the Today Show in 2016.

As much as fans ship Disick and Kardashian together, it looks like they’ve resigned themselves to being the best of friends (for now).

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