Sean Connery dead: How did James Bond actor Sean Connery die?

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Sir Sean Connery was an icon of stage and screen, performing in everything from intense dramas to action blockbusters. His most famous role was as James Bond, AKA 007, the spy who was a hit with the ladies while sending the bad guys packing. His death has come as a real shock – but how did he die?

How did Sir Sean Connery die?

At the moment, his cause of death is unknown, and will keep this story updated with the latest news as it comes in.

Earlier this year Sir Sean celebrated his 90th birthday, during which time some of his iconic roles were remembered.

One of these which is the best known is, of course, James Bond, for which Sir Sean served as the second longest-running actor in the role.

That title has now gone to current Bond incumbent Daniel Craig, who is the longest-running actor playing 007.

However, Sir Sean also won plaudits – and an Oscar – for his work in other films.

He won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars for his role in 1988 movie The Untouchables.

Sir Sean was knighted in 2000 at Holyrood, and has also received praise for his various roles on the stage.

Sir Sean was the first James Bond, starting off in Dr No in 1962.

He held the mantle for the following four official films, including From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

After this, he left the role, and George Lazenby took it on for one movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969.

Sir Sean could not do without the role, however, and returned for one more movie, Diamonds Are Forever in 1971, after which he stepped away from the official canon for good.

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