See for Yourself How Much Mary-Kate and Ashley's Style Has Changed Through the Years

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, now 32, have been famous since they were in diapers, starting their careers as child actresses before they were even a year old. Now they’re known for their high-end fashion line The Row, which has won the CFDA Award for Womenswear Designer of the Year twice, and their truly unique ability to make “luxury witch at a music festival” look like the only aesthetic anyone would ever need. Here, take a look back at their evolution from identically dressed cherubs into the fashion icons they are today.

Look at these adorable toddlers! Mary-Kate and Ashley were cast in Full House when they were just six months old, and started filming when they were nine months. They both played Michelle Tanner, the youngest of Danny Tanner’s three daughters; they took turns playing Michelle because of child-labor laws.

In this ridiculously cute press photo for the fourth season of Full House, the girls are four years old. The combination of the ruffle socks and the white sneakers is just too perfect.

As Mary-Kate and Ashley got older, their parents stopped dressing them in identical clothes, but when they were five, they were still blessedly matched. They wore these floral numbers to the TCA Press Tour. (Please also note the wood-paneled vehicle in the back.)

Queens in pastel! The Olsens wore these complementary (but not totally matching!) outfits to the Emmys in 1991. They were not nominated, because the Emmys are stupid.

Bangs on point. Sweaters on point. Boots on point. Here, the girls are getting in the holiday spirit at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in 1992.

In 1993, Mary-Kate and Ashley hosted a Mother’s Day Special for some reason, but you can’t be mad about it because it produced a ton of press photos of them in outfits like this one (they also dressed like genies on a flying carpet).

This photo of the Olsens at the Writers Guild of America Awards is obviously years out from their goth princess looks of the 2010s, but you can see their penchant for head-to-toe black was already in the making. And those flower crowns? Years ahead of the trend!

In 1995, Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared in their first full-length feature film, It Takes Two. If, like me, you also remember seeing this in theaters, then don’t forget to take your calcium supplement today. (Full House ended in May 1995.)

Your faves could never, not in 1996, 2006, or 2016, and especially not at the ripe old age of 10. (They wore these extremely cool outfits to the premiere of the movie Alaska.)

Once again, the girls were matching but not all the way matching, which is how the coolest twins do it. RT if you would wear either one of their pairs of sandals today.

The Olsens were some of the coolest twins around in the ’90s, which means they also got to go to some of the coolest movie premieres. This is them at the premiere of Spice World. In September 1998, their sitcom Two of a Kind premiered on ABC.

In 1999, Mary-Kate and Ashley starred in a TV movie called Switching Goals, which was obviously about soccer. But the more interesting fact about this movie is that it also featured a young Michael Cera!

By this time, Two of a Kind had ended, but MK and A were still getting invited to super cool things, like a release party for the *NSYNC album Celebrity.

Back at it with the coordination and the cool (at least for the time) movie premieres! Mary-Kate and Ashley wore these oh-so-aughts halter tops to the premiere of Rush Hour 2, a movie that I, an old person, also recall seeing in theaters.

A rare full match! A few months before their 16th birthday, the girls attended the famous Vanity Fair Oscar party in these lacy black dresses. Also in 2002, they released two movies — Getting There and When in Rome.

The future moody fashion designers wore these dark looks to the Daytime Emmys in 2002.

Look, say what you will about Austin Powers in Goldmember (the premiere MK and A are attending here), but remember: If it was good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for you.

This is the Olsens at the VMAs, because by 2002 they had graduated from cool movie premieres to cool awards shows. (Peace out, Daytime Emmys!)

In 2003, the twins cameoed in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and wore these flowy maxi dresses to the premiere.

In 2004, Mary-Kate and Olsen made New York Minute, their last movie together. Here they are at the Kids’ Choice Awards, proving that they have finally, for good, stopped matching and coordinating their outfits.

Despite having been famous since they were infants, the Olsens didn’t get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame until 2004, when they were almost 18. Better late than never!

Here they are at the premiere of New York Minute, their aforementioned final film. We just didn’t know what we had, did we?

By the mid-2000s, Mary-Kate (right) and Ashley were transitioning into their new lives as full-time fashion designers. Here they are attending an amfAR event in 2005.

Though the girls didn’t start their fashion line The Row until 2006, in 2005, they were already attending industry events like the Accessories Council Excellence Awards.

Mary-Kate (left) and Ashley attended their second Met Gala in 2006, thus further cementing their status as fashion mainstays. They were almost 20 then, but still holding hands because holding hands is their brand.

The sisters’ first collection for The Row consisted of only seven garments, but it was a hit — Barneys New York bought it all. Here they are at the CFDA Fashion Fund Awards.

There’s a lot happening in this Golden Globes party look, so it’s hard to pick just one thing to focus on. The fur? The sheer blouse with tube top underneath? The emerald green clutch? It’s all too much!

At the 2007 CFDA Awards, Mary-Kate and Ashley went about as minimalist as they had yet, which makes sense, because minimalism quickly became a cornerstone of their designs for The Row. In 2007, they founded another clothing line called Elizabeth and James.

At the 2008 Met Gala–the theme of which was “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”–both Mary-Kate and Ashley wore Diane von Furstenberg.

Only an event dedicated to honoring Tim Burton’s work is deserving of a look as eccentric as Mary-Kate’s here. The hat. The coat. The dad briefcase. Don’t forget the red platform heels.

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