Selena Gomez Reveals Wild New Ear Piercing While Out With Friends Watch

The ‘Hands to Myself’ singer showed off her new helix piercing in a TokTok video shared by two of her friends.

Selena Gomez, 29, ended up at a body piercing shop during a recent night out with friends — and she didn’t leave without getting a new accessory. The Rare Beauty founder’s outing was captured in a Sept. 14 TikTok video shared by her pals Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad via their account GirlPool, and if the footage proves anything, it’s that it was a wild night for Selena and friends. The group initially was bound for a Build-A-Bear shop inside the mall, but things didn’t go as planned and they soon ended up at a piercing shop, where Selena got a new ear piercing.

Reply to @savltay we tried to go to build a bear but couldn’t find it at the galleria so we went and got piercings instead

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