Selena Gomez's Cosmetics Company Masterfully Diffuses YouTube Beauty Drama After PatricK Starrr's Negative Review!

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!!!

That’s how the saying goes, after all, isn’t it? And it sure seems like that’s the tactic Selena Gomez is dead-set on taking with her foray into the beauty industry now, too!

The pop star’s new cosmetics company Rare Beauty masterfully diffused what could have been a tricky little social media sitch after popular YouTube star Patrick Starrr reviewed the company’s products this week. While fellow high-profile vloggers like Manny MUANikkie Tutorials, and Huda Kattan all delivered mostly positive reviews for the new products put forth by the pop princess, Starrr wasn’t quite as generous in his breakdown.

In a video this past week, Starrr went through Gomez’s PR package and reviewed everything as he applied it, frequently comparing those Rare Beauty items to his own Sephora collection One/Size. Here’s the full video (below):

As you can see with the nearly 6,000 comments already up on the clip, lots of fans took issue with Starrr being admittedly “biased” towards preferring his own products at the expense of those from Gomez. After Starrr at one point literally swatched his own eyeliner next to that from Rare and declared “I think I prefer mine over Rare,” the commenters had it.

One wrote (below):

“Why make a review of Rare beauty when all you’re going to do is compare and talk about your products. Majority of your comments just seemed shady. I feel like a lot of people reviewing Selena’s line are not reviewing the products for what they are. She is not advertising a full coverage look so obviously it’s not what you are going to get. We know full coverage is what you prefer that’s not what we are here for, we want to know if the products do what they are DESCRIBED AS.”

Quickly, that comment alone gained thousands of likes — which prompted more backlash from other followers who felt like the review was not as thorough or unbiased as it should have been.

But rather than go all in on the controversy after the lukewarm overall review from Starrr, Rare Beauty opted to take the high road on this one, tweeting this two-part statement about the issue (below):

Nothing but love, indeed!!!

The kind-hearted, open response even got Starrr to acknowledge it, as he quote-tweeted the message with his own love right back at the new brand:

Soooo… are we the only ones surprised by all this?! The beauty corner of YouTube looooooves to dive deep into drama — the messier, the better.

And for a new player who’s also a worldwide superstar like Selena to enter the industry, then, it’d be at least understandable if the current competitors weren’t at least a little bit annoyed with her jumping into their space. But that’s not the vibe here at all! Everyone just took the high road!

Surprising? Expecting something different?! Truly masterful in how Rare diffused a potentially challenging situation with commenters and fans, ya know?!

Where do U stand on this one, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF about it down in the comments (below)…

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