Selena Gomez’s Mystery Man Revealed As Caleb Stevens: Is She Dating Her Friend’s Brother?

The identity of the guy Selena Gomez has spent some time with over the last few weeks has been revealed — he’s the brother of one of her BFFs! But are they dating or what?!

On the same day that news of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s relationship broke, Selena Gomez was spotted hanging out with a cute guy in New York City. Now, we’ve uncovered that that guy is Caleb Stevens, the brother of one of Sel’s best gal pals, Raquelle Stevens. Caleb posted video on his Instagram story from the same boat that Selena was hanging out on on July 8, and a comparison of the NYC photos to those on his Instagram page confirm he’s the same person. Unfortunately, for right now, it’s unclear if Sel and Caleb are just friends…or something more. They certainly looked to be walking quite close together during the outing!

This wasn’t the first time Sel and Caleb were seen together, either. When the singer showed up as a surprise guest to Taylor Swift’s concert in May, she was photographed leaving the venue with Caleb. Of course, Raquelle and some of Sel’s other girlfriends were at that event, too, so we have yet to actually see her spending time alone with this new guy. Luckily, regardless of her relationship status, Selena seemed to be in great spirits while hanging out with Caleb and her friends over the weekend, even though it could not have been easy for her to catch wind of Justin and Hailey’s engagement news.

Don’t forget, it was just four months ago that Selena was with Justin herself — the two rekindled their on-off romance in Oct. 2017, but ended things once again at the beginning of March. He reconciled with Hailey in June, and just weeks later, proposed to her in the Bahamas on July 7.

“Selena was totally shocked and stunned to hear about Justin and Hailey’s engagement,” an insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY after the news broke. “She honestly can’t believe it. Selena didn’t think they were even that serious, so the thought of them getting married is just mind-boggling to her.” Could this really be the end of Jelena for good?!!?!

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