Sharon Osbourne Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumours

The British television host responds to the rumors on her show ‘The Talk’, saying, ‘They got this so messed up.’

Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne has poked fun at tabloid rumours suggesting she’s undergone another face and neck lift, insisting her “new” face is five years old. Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife, who has always been honest about her plastic surgery procedures in the past, recently found herself in the headlines after drawing attention with her fresh-faced looks, sparking speculation that she had gone under the knife again recently.

One tabloid article featured side-by-side images of her face in late March and another from a few years ago, pointing out the difference in the skin around her chin, with an insider supposedly suggesting she ease off the cosmetic work. “Sharon’s had fillers, lifts, Botox, you name it, and keeps going in for touch-ups every few months,” the source claimed. “She might want to give it a rest, though. Sooner or later Ozzy will look at her and ask, ‘Who are you?'”

However, the 65-year-old has been tickled by the piece of gossip, because it’s such old news. “They got this so messed up,” she laughed on her daytime show “The Talk”. “I must have had that new face and chin maybe four/five years (ago)…”

“It was new say, five years ago, because I remember I woke up and Ozzy had got my phone and he’d taken pictures of me in recovery, and I had all these bandages and (my face was) bruised, and (swollen)… and so it’s like, they just got it wrong.” Sharon continued, before questioning how she would have been able to undergo the intensive operation and return to her day job as a co-host of “The Talk” without taking more than a month off.

“The thing is, it takes at least six weeks for the bruising to go (down) so you don’t look like you’ve been beaten up, and then your face looks like a new pair of boots, you can’t move it, you know…? Like, it’s so stiff it hurts…,” she shared. Encouraging reporters to just ask her outright in future, she added, “So next time guys, just call me. I’ll tell you for free…!”

“I wanna share it with everyone…,” Sharon continued. “I showed you (the public) all the pictures from when I did have it done, (it was) quite fabulous, and it’s like, I would tell you all! And if you want my doctor’s name, go to my website!”

In fact, in 2016, the music manager joked she was getting better with age, quipping, “I’ve got my third face right now. Face three and counting!”

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