Shirley Ballas’ doctor concerned by her test results after Strictly fans spot lump on arm

Shirley Ballas shares health update after blood tests

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Strictly Come Dancing’s head judge Shirley Ballas has taken to Instagram to share a health update, after viewers of the BBC dance show spotted a lump under her arm a couple of weeks ago. The professional dancer, 61, relayed the results of some of her blood work to her followers today, which she labelled as “a little concerning”, before promising worried fans that she is keeping on top of her health issues.

My oestrogen levels are extremely low, all in all a little concerning for my doctor

Shirley Ballas

In view of her 198,000 followers, the dance star gave an update on her health.

Shirley said: “Good afternoon everyone, well, just having a little check up with you.

“Since several of you thought they saw a lump under my arm, I went to get that checked, then the doctor said that she thought my levels were not right – my hormone levels weren’t right,” she clarified.

The Strictly judge went on to relay the results of her blood work, adding that her doctor is “concerned”.

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Going on, Shirley said: “Anyway, so I went and had a lot of bloodwork done and now the testosterone’s come back ultra-high, the adrenal glands need a scan and my ovaries need a scan.

“My oestrogen levels are extremely low, all in all a little concerning for my doctor.”

However, she reassured her followers that she was in the best of hands by explaining that she has an appointment coming up at a hospital in London.

“So, that’s where we’re at at the moment and they are going to set me up at appointment at Kings which is an amazing hospital and just down the road from me,” Shirley added.

The star went on to thank concerned followers who had messaged her after spotting a lump under her arm while on Strictly.

“But yes – and all because several concerned people bothered to let me know what was going on.

“Anyway, I love you all, I appreciate you and thank you,” Shirley said before ending the video.

The star captioned the video: “So blood work back.

“A little concerning so dr is making an appointment at kings to check certain odd things happening in my body I won’t go into the details at the moment.”(sic)

“Anyway to each and every one of you who started me on this road thank you so much,” Shirley added.

The star promised to keep her concerned followers updated, before promising them that she’s “on top of” her health issues.

“I’ll keep you all updated each and every one of you.

“Remember health is wealth so I’ll be on top of these issues for the time being. With gratitude to you all,” she added.

Shirley’s update comes a week after she told her followers that she had been to see her doctor.

But despite having an “underarm and breast test” Shirley said that her doctor “couldn’t feel anything”, but also spotted an irregularity when she lifted her arm.

On Friday Shirley was taken by a friend to the hospital to have her blood work done before Strictly’s live show on Saturday.

Strictly Come Dancing continues at 7.05pm on Saturday on BBC One.

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