Snoop Dogg Responds to Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed Ahead of Super Bowl Gig: ‘Gold Digger Season’

The ‘Young, Wild and Free’ rapper and his longtime associate Bishop Don Juan are sued by a model and dancer, who demands under $10 million, for the alleged incident that occurred nearly a decade ago.

AceShowbizSnoop Dogg has responded to a new sexual assault lawsuit filed by a woman, who is a model and dancer and was only identified as Jane Doe, ahead of his Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show performance. The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper set aside his time to subtly address the case on social media.

Taking to his Instagram account on Wednesday, February 9, the “Young, Wild & Free” hitmaker shared a cryptic note that read, “Gold digger season is here.” He went on to add, “Be careful Nefews keep ya guards up. And Keep ya circle small,” along with a lawyer, bag of money and a police officer emoji.

Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is accused of forcing oral sex on the woman in 2013 in the legal papers, per TMZ. The woman, who demanded under $10 million, filed the suit on Wednesday, February 9, just days prior to the musician’s performance at the Super Bowl, which will be aired live on NBC on February 13.

In the court docs, the woman claimed she saw Snoop perform in Anaheim, California on May 29, 2013. The woman alleged that Bishop Don Juan, a longtime associate of Snoop’s, offered her a ride home after the event.

The woman went on to say that she fell asleep in the car. When she woke up, she found out that she arrived at Bishop Don’s house instead of hers. “Plaintiff was exhausted and fell asleep at [Bishop Don’s] home,” the suit stated.

Bishop Don then allegedly “pulled his penis from his pants and forced his penis in Plaintiff’s face.” It’s also said that Bishop Don “repeatedly slammed his penis into Plaintiff’s mouth” when she awoke at 4 A.M. Bishop Don “discriminated against and harassed Plaintiff because of Plaintiff’s sex and gender,” she insisted.

The woman went on saying that Bishop Don later handed her a dress and instructed her to put it on so they could go to Snoop’s studio. She claimed that Bishop Don said at the time, “I want to see if he will make you the weather girl” for some TV show.

She admitted that she went to Snoop’s studio but had stomach pain so she went to the bathroom. When she was in the toilet, Snoop allegedly walked in, “standing with his crotch in Plaintiff’s face, while Plaintiff was defecating on the toilet.” She added that the hip-hop star then forced oral sex on her.

“After a few minutes, defendant Snoop Dogg withdrew his penis from plaintiff’s mouth, visibly unsatisfied with plaintiff’s reluctance and disgust of being forced to engage in oral sex,” the complaint stated. The rapper allegedly “proceeded to masturbate and ejaculated on plaintiff’s upper chest and lower neck.” He then purportedly said, “I’ll get you something to clean up with” and left the accuser “humiliated, terrified and panicked” in the bathroom without returning.

Shortly thereafter, Bishop Don allegedly said to her, “Come here! Take a picture with Snoop!” In the suit, the woman admitted that she was scared at the time, before pointing out that Snoop didn’t hire her because she “refused to willingly and enthusiastically give oral sex.”

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