‘Sometimes we forget we are on air!’ Eamonn Holmes apologises for live GB News blunder

Isabel Webster swears after Eamonn Holmes questions her age

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Eamonn Holmes, 62, and Isabel Webster, 39, left GB News viewers in hysterics on Thursday morning, after she almsot said the f-word live on-air. The presenter’s were joking around before Eamonn took a pop at her age, causing her to tell him where to stick it, but almost forgot where she was.

Sometimes we forget we are on air

Eamonn Holmes

Moments before the humorous incident, they were discussing an upcoming package on a rare penny soon to become available to collectors.

Eamonn asked his co-star whether she remembered when pennies were still legal tender, before Isabel explained she was born well after the new currency system was adopted.

The comment prompted her to ask: “Do I look really old or something?”

Eamonn replied: “Funny, you look much older!”

A stunned Isabel looked taken aback as she retorted: “Oh, f**k…”

She paused before quickly adding: “Sorry, sorry, sorry! I stopped myself!

“This is what happens when you work with Eamonn!”

Following the show, Eamon took to Twitter to address the on-air blunder, which left viewers in fits of giggles, nicknaming his co-star “Potty mouth Webster”.

He penned: “If u saw us at 9.18… no need to explain. Oops @IsabelWebster the look says it all but she, indeed ‘we’ apologise.

“Not that I have anything to apologise for but sometimes we forget we are on air.

“I’ll be back tomorrow and hopefully Potty mouth Webster will be too.”

Isabel also issued her own apology but took satisfaction in noticing her near-slip has social media in stitches.

She said: “By your calculations, you had me aged 54 not 39… a girl can only take so much!!

“Still.. I shouldn’t (half/almost/not really/well held?) swear, so I apologise too.

“Although, from what I can see on here, it was the highlight of the show for a lot of people.”

Fans rushed to the comments section to applaud the presenters for their chemistry on the show, with one saying: “Absolutely brilliant. That’s what makes you 2 great!”

“Another joked: “Naughty step for Isabel…”

“I would’ve said exactly the same thing to @EamonnHolmes. You had me crying with laughter #GBNews,” a third said.

A fourth complimented: “@IsabelWebster_ One of my favourite TV moment. Brilliant!”

While a fifth commented: “Very funny and a valid retort it was too.”

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