Spice Girl Mel B Cut Out Of Adele Special Because Of 'Awkward As Hell' Joke??

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but…

Adele held a bit of a Q&A during her concert special, An Audience With Adele, at the London Palladium, which aired on Sunday. Like her One Night Only concert in the US, the crowd was full of famous faces there to hear tunes from her new album, 30. Some of those celebs also posed questions to the songstress, but not all of them made it into the broadcast.

According to UK tabloid The Sun, Mel B of the Spice Girls was was scheduled to ask a question during the taping, but found herself less than satisfied with the question she was supposed to ask. As such, she decided to go off script — and got herself cut from the special! A source revealed:

“Mel was her usual brilliant self at Adele’s Audience With but ITV decided they just couldn’t keep her moment in. She was tasked with asking a question about the best gift Adele had ever received but when the cameras were on her she said she felt silly asking it. Then she made a joke and said she could answer the question for Adele and said it was a vibrator.”

Oop! Not really the best time to be bringing up sex toys — it’s a classy event, Mel!

Of course, the Grammy winner was a gracious hostess, the insider confirmed:

“No one really laughed but Adele made a wise crack about it and moved on. There’s no bad blood or issue between them, ITV just couldn’t air it because not only was it awkward as hell – it was a family show and there would be kids watching.”

Yeah, that tracks. After all, compare the vibe (no pun intended…) of that question to the artist’s answer to Emma Thompson’s query:

“I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove, who taught me English. That was Miss McDonald… She left when I was in year 8. … Yeah, it was just one year, but she was like, she got me really into literature. Like, I’ve always been obsessed with English and obviously now I write lyrics. … She also did street dance. Not — I was too scared to join. But, like, in the canteen they used to do these dances and stuff like that. But yeah she just, umm, she was so bloody cool. So engaging. She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us.”

To go from something that heartfelt and sincere to vibrator jokes? In front of Miss McDonald?! We know Adele can crack wise with the best of them, but that would be a pretty jarring tonal shift! Sorry Mel — maybe we’ll catch you on the blooper reel some day!

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