Steph McGovern apologises to Simon Rimmer after Twitter disagreement: ‘It’s my ignorance’

Steph McGovern discusses abuse she receives from trolls

Steph McGovern. 38, said she was sorry for suggesting that her Packed Lunch show was the first “live daytime” TV programme in 20 years to air on Channel 4. The TV presenter was corrected on social media by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, who said that his programme Sunday Brunch is also a live show that has been on the channel for the past eight years.

Simon, love, you are primetime

Steph McGovern

The playful disagreement between the pair began as Steph typed: “70th ep of ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ today 12.30 – 14.10 @Channel4.

“Am so proud of my fab team who have launched a brand new show in the middle of a pandemic (and) on a channel that hasn’t had a live daytime TV prog on it for 20 years.

“Live from Leeds weekdays. We’re back 4th Jan,” she added.

Not missing a beat, Simon fired back: “Happy 70th Steph and team from all of us @SundayBrunchC4, the 3 hour live show on c4 for the past 8 years.”

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Steph immediately clarified the situation with her friend and occasional work colleague, Simon, as she insisted that the tweet referred to a live show that was on during the weekdays.

She continued: “Simon love, you’re prime time…… I don’t think weekend progs count in the definition of ‘daytime’ do they?

“I was talking about weekday progs during the day. Anyway, thanks for your best wishes,” Steph clarified.

Simon, however, wished Steph the best as he insisted that he “loves” her show.

He added: “Love you. I wasn’t being rude or ignorant. Love your show and the fact you think we’re prime time xx.”

Steph apologised for the misunderstanding, as she admitted that her phrasing could have been better.

The 38-year-old responded: “Ah I know you weren’t. Turns out it’s my ignorance for not realising weekend progs were in the same category. 

“Soz. I should have phrased it as, ‘Live daytime TV show not presented by two exceptionally talented and handsome men.’”

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Thankfully, Simon accepted her apology as he commended Steph for her “tremendous” description of his programme.

A fan described the banter between the pair as “the nicest argument ever”.

Other viewers of Packed Lunch applauded the show for keeping them “constantly” entertained during lockdown.

One said: “Your show has been the one constant for me and my wife through lockdown. Your team are amazing! We have laughed and cried every day. In the new year, try and get @ChrisMoyles on as part of the team.”

Another replied: “Love this show look forward to its return xx.”

A third commented: “I think your show is great … it is informative, caring, and provides lots of laughs too which we all need x.”

It comes as tonight Steph will be investigating the British High Street and why shops have been going into administration as of late.

Inside John Lewis: Trouble At The Tills airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

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