Strictly Come Dancings Judi Love says shell bite back if shows judges get personal

Judi Love revealed as the next Strictly Come Dancing star on Loose Women

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Loose Women presenter Judi Love, 41, has revealed that she’s prepared to “bite back” at the Strictly Come Dancing judges if their comments become too “personal”. Speaking at the press launch of the show, the comedian told how she’s prepared to take the judges comments about her dancing on board, but “can bite back” if they get too personal.

So look as long as it’s not personal, as I can bite back

Judi Love

Judi said: “No one likes being in front of the judges, just like in life you don’t like being judged

“However I understand that for these guys this is their profession.

“They’re professionals, they’re trained and put their body through gruelling work to have such a phenomenal skill,” she explained.

The Loose Woman went on to reveal that the only way she’d take issue with the judges’ criticism is if it was “personal”.

Continuing, Judi said: “So look as long as it’s not personal, as I can bite back, then it’s all good as they’re telling me [about] something that I’m not skilled in.

“They might not be happy, but I have to learn from such criticism and try and do better.”

Speaking about the moment she received the phone call from the BBC team, the mother-of-two told how the news was too much for her to take.

Judi admitted: “I was just so overwhelmed, I was just so excited, couldn’t believe it!

Speaking from inside the Strictly studios, the ITV presenter said that she still can’t believe she’s on the show.

“I still now – even coming here and seeing signs and seeing outfits I’m still like, ‘this is really happening!'” Judi confessed.

She went on: “I was completely overwhelmed so I don’t even know what I’m going to be like when I see the dancers and the glitz and the glam and the audience.

“I’m still in that moment now,” Judi added.

The star went on to reveal that her Loose Women colleagues had been nothing but supportive after they found out Judi’s fabulous news.

She said: “I spoke to a few people and the Loose Women girls have been like, ‘oh my gosh!'”

Judi even told how her colleagues had suspected that she may be involved in this year’s series before she announced the news.

“A lot of them were like, ‘I thought it was you, I thought it would be you’, which I was surprised by,” Judi admitted.

But despite congratulating her, she told how they all warned that it would be “hard work.”

“They’ve just been very supportive in the sense of saying, ‘fully embrace it, have fun, it’s going to be hard work but you’re going to enjoy it.’

“Everybody I know who has done it all said the same thing, [that] it’s hard work but you’re going to enjoy it,” Judi added.

Strictly Come Dancing starts on Saturday September 18 on BBC One.

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