Summer Walker Trolls Wendy Williams for Farting on Live TV

The ‘I’ll Kill You’ singer shares on Instagram a short clip of the veteran TV host allegedly farting in one of the episodes of her talk show while reporting on Odell Beckham Jr’s recent arrest.

AceShowbizWendy Williams is making another headlines. This time, it’s not about her opinion on some hot topics happening in pop culture, but it’s about an embarrassing act she did on her popular talk show instead. The veteran host apparently passed gas during live TV.

While reporting on Odell Beckham Jr.‘s recent arrest in the January 17 episode, the 55-year-old TV personality seemingly let out a fart. She could be seen casually lifted her leg up to the side before the squeak sound from her famous purple chair was heard.

Wendy appeared to try to look calm as she continued reporting on Odell’s recent trouble with law after slapping an officer’s butt. However, viewers could easily notice her issue with her stomach, prompting everyone to clown her to the bathroom and back. Among those who troll Wendy was Summer Walker.

On Tuesday, January 21, the “I’ll Kill You” singer took to her Instagram account to share a short clip of Wendy allegedly farting. She didn’t wrote anything in the caption except for a single laughing and crying face emoji, but that was strong enough to show that she’s having a good laughing in Wendy’s expense.

“Ewww how unclassy,” one of Summer’s followers wrote in the comment section, referring to Wendy’s act. One other fan, meanwhile, pointed out that “her face told it all” despite trying to play coy. “her squeezing it out that diaper a** the way she had that a** Tooted up SENT ME,” someone else added.

“Lmao she stink,” one person commented with one other user alluded that Wendy deserved to be trolled, writing, “She a mean lady – she deserve this loop.” However, not everyone was apparently quick to get what was happening. “It took me wait to long to realize wth was happening..,” one person admitted.

Wendy has yet to comment on the farting speculations.

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