It Sure Sounds Like Drake Dated Bella Hadid

Doesn’t Blake—our suggested portmanteau for Drake and Bella Hadidjust roll off the tongue?

Blake is once again being shipped, this time thanks to some rather telling lyrics from Drake’s newest album, Scorpion. Last fall, rumors about their potential relationship swirled, specifically after Drake hosted her 21st birthday party and, according to Us Weekly, “paid for everything.” *Raises eyebrows.*

Fans believe Champagne Papi’s new track “Finesse” is about Hadid. Like every other Drake song, he raps about a woman that’s “on my mind” all the time, but it’s mention of her eyes (she has fierce blue ones), fashion week (Hadid is a supermodel), a “too hard to handle” sister (Gigi), and wanting to “hide” (aka keep things private) that has everyone going, “Um hi, Bella.”

The key lyrics?

I want my baby to have your eyes

I’m going against my own advice

Should I do New York, I can’t decide

Fashion week is more your thing than mine

Followed by:

One thing at a time

I have to learn to hide

One thing at a time

Emotions running high

I wish you felt alright


You stay on my mind

You and your sister

Too hard too handle

Things will get canceled

Also on Scorpion, Drake raps about Bella and Gigi’s father, Mohamed. The track “Sandra’s Rose” features the lyrics, “My house is full of supermodels just like Mohamed Hadid.” Weird! Suspicious! Who could this be about?

Since splitting from The Weeknd in November 2016, Bella hasn’t publicly disclosed her relationship status. However, rumors have suggested that her on-again-off-again situation with The Weeknd is currently on (again). At the height of Drake and Hadid’s headline-making fling, Page Six also reported that Drake and The Weeknd were feuding.

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After Bella’s 21st birthday party last fall, Andy Cohen grilled her mom Yolanda Hadid, who was there, about the rumors on Watch What Happens Live. “I mean, they’re friends,” she said. Apparently, things didn’t end so well. In November, Us Weekly reported that Drake basically ghosted her via text, and that as of that point they were no longer speaking.

And here we are! Maybe the song will inspire her to slide in his DMs? Who knows.

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