T.I.'s reality show halts production amid sexual abuse allegations, more news

Production on T.I. and Tiny Harris’ ‘Friends & Family Hustle’ reality show paused over sexual abuse claims

The reality show, “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” halted production on Friday, Feb. 5, due to sexual abuse allegations faced by the show’s stars, T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Despite the couple’s denial of all such accusations, a rep for MTV told Deadline on Friday: “We are aware of the allegations, and while they are not connected to our show, we have reached out to T.I. and Tameka Harris, as well as local and state officials. Given the serious nature of the allegations, we have decided to suspend production in order to gather more information.” The show had been shooting Season 4 in Atlanta. The allegations were made on social media, with the accuser accusing the couple of sexual abuse including coercion, drugging and trafficking. In a statement released in late January, a rep for the stars said, “they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations.” The statement also claimed the Harrises, “have had difficulty with [their accuser] for well over a decade.”

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Christopher Plummer dies at 91

Oscar-winner and two-time Tony and Emmy Award winner Christopher Plummer has died. His family confirmed the news on Friday, Feb. 5, to Deadline, which reported the star of “The Sound of Music” and dozens of other acclaimed films passed away at his home in Connecticut while surrounded by loved ones including his wife, Elaine Taylor. Plummer, whose career spanned nearly 70 years, recently starred in “Knives Out” and will appear, via voiceover, in the upcoming adventure film, “Heroes of the Golden Masks.” Calling the star a “consummate actor” and cherished friend,” Plummer’s “Sound of Music” costar, Julie Andrews,” said in a statement: “I treasure the memories of our work together and all the humor and fun we shared through the years. My heart and condolences go out to his lovely wife Elaine and his daughter Amanda.” He was 91.

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Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik have matching ‘Khai’ tattoos in honor of their daughter

Turns out Zayn Malik’s new “Khai” tattoo, which he got in honor of the daughter he and Gigi Hadid welcomed in September, is part of a pair — and the other half is adorning Gigi’s bicep. Fans first spotted Zayn’s new ink — the couple’s daughter’s name, written in Arabic — last month, shortly after Gigi added “Khai’s mom” to her Instagram bio. This week, Vogue published a style video pegged to Gigi’s March cover story, and once again, Gigi and Zayn’s super-sleuth fans noticed a tiny tattoo that matches Zayn’s “Khai” art when Gigi raises her arm at one point. Gigi confirmed rumors she and Zayn were expecting their first child back in April dring an appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

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Olivia Wilde explains her now famous rule about bad behavior

As Olivia Wilde continues with production on her second directorial turn, “Don’t Worry Darling,” she’s developed some buzz around Hollywood thanks to her “no a——-” policy. The on-set rule went public when Variety reported Olivia had fired Shia LaBeouf from the film due to his behavior, which was making headlines at the time amid abuse allegations made by Shia’s ex, FKA Twigs. Speaking to “Promising Young Woman” director Emerald Fennell for Variety’s “Director on Director” series, Olivia explained that she won’t tolerate working with anyone who behaves poorly or mistreats other members of the cast or crew.”… It puts everybody on the same level,” the 36-year-old said of her policy. “I also noticed as an actress for years how the hierarchy of the set separated the actors from the crew in this very strange way that serves no one. I think actors would actually like to know more about, ‘What’s happening there when you’re pulling my focus? What is that lens change?’ But the idea of, don’t bother the actors and keep them separate, and don’t look at them. I think it makes everyone quite anxious.” She said she established the rule after being advised by “a very established actor and director” to fight with people on her set as a means of establishing dominance. “They said, ‘Listen, the way to get respect on a set, you have to have three arguments a day. Three big arguments that reinstate your power, remind everyone who’s in charge, be the predator,'” she recalled. “That is the opposite of my process,” she added. “And I want none of that.” Shia was eventually replaced on “Don’t Worry Darling” with Olivia’s now-boyfriend, Harry Styles, who stars opposite Florence Pugh in the forthcoming thriller.


Tiffany Haddish reveals why she turned Common down at first

Before Tiffany Haddish and Common sparked romance rumors last year — rumors that turned out to be true — Tiffany turned down the rapper repeatedly. The actress and comic opened up about her relationship with the 48-year-old rapper on “The Late Show” on Thursday, Feb. 4, joking with host Stephen Colbert that she nixed Common initially because, per ET, “I was waiting for you, Steve. I was waiting for you to get single.” Stephen eventually got the full story out of Tiffany, though, including the real reason she kept declining Common’s advances at first. “He was trying to holler, and I was like, ‘No, I’m not really interested. Nah, I’m good. My eyes are set on other things. I’m interested in somebody else, I’m sorry. But you seem like a nice person,'” she recalled. As for why she was reluctant to go out with Common? She figured, “I know too many people that dated you,” she told Stephen. “I didn’t say that [to Common] but …” She didn’t elaborate on which exes she was tight with, but Common’s rumored to have dated Serena Williams and Erykah Badu.

Marine escort who helped Lady Gaga at the inauguration shares joke she made ahead of their stroll

The marine who escorted Lady Gaga to the podium at President Joe Biden’s inauguration last month is sharing some of the backstory about how he came to lead the pop star to her performance of the National Anthem — and what they talked about as the walked into the ceremony. “She looked at me and she’s like ‘a fair warning … we have an equal chance of tripping on this,'” Marine Capt. Evan Campbell, 34, told The Marine Corps Times, according to People. Her anxiety wasn’t an unfounded, of course. The singer was decked out in a massive, custom Schiaparelli skirt and fitted jacket. “There was a concern — obviously she was wearing this very beautiful, very large dress — and there was a concern that she might need some help getting down the stairs,” Campbell said this week in a separate interview with Task & Purpose. “So they basically looked around and I was one of the taller, larger individuals, and they just asked if I would be willing to assist and I was more than happy to.” He said that he also tried to set her mind at ease by telling her she’d do a great job with “The Star-Spangled Banner.” “It just seemed like a very natural human thing to do to look over and go, ‘Hey you’re going to do great. You always do well, you know, you’re a performer, you’re going to do great,'” he explained. “It just seemed like she needed to hear a relaxed voice.”

Jennifer Lawrence is recovering from a scary injury she sustained on the set of her forthcoming film, “Don’t Look Up.” According to Page Six, a stunt in which glass explodes went awry and some of the shattered pieces struck the actress, 30, in her face. A source told the outlet production stopped for the day in Boston as crew members were shaken by the incident. Jen, who stars in the film opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, is reportedly expected to be fine.

Kelly Ripa explains why her son’s dyslexia has actually been ‘a blessing’

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are preparing to send their 17-year-old son, Joaquin, off to college. But as Kelly shared on the Friday, Feb. 5, edition of “Live!,” there was a time when even Mark wasn’t convinced the couple’s youngest would make it that far in his education. “Mark and I were FaceTiming the other night,” Kelly told her co-host RyanSeacrest. “Mark got very emotional and very choked up, because he said, ‘You know, I never thought he would be able to go to college’ because he was profoundly dyslexic and dysgraphic.” Like dyslexia,dysgraphia is a learning disability. While dyslexia affects a person’s ability to read, however, dysgraphia creates neurological issues that make it hard for a person to write or use fine motor skills. Kelly went to say Joaquin’s “hard work and determination” over the years eventually led to reading becoming “one of [his] favorite things to do.” She also noted that learning disabilities make the education process different, but not necessarily less fruitful. “I always say that dyslexia — for our family at least and if you read about it — can be quite a blessing,” Kelly explained. “People panic in real-time because they don’t understand it. It’s a much often misunderstood learning difference. But kids with dyslexia learn how to read the room. They pick up on social cues and signals. … You see in him a fire… a desire to learn. That’s the thing is, like, these kids are, I would say, even more capable.”

Salma Hayek opens up about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abuse: ‘I thought I had healed’

More than two decades after Salma Hayek worked with Harvey Weinstein on “Frida,” she continued to wrestle with the trauma that resulted from his alleged sexual harassment, threats and unwanted advances. But it wasn’t until dozens of other women came forward with similar accusations against the former producer that Hayek realized she’d repressed the pain. “The amazing thing is that I thought I had healed,” the “Bliss” star recently told the Evening Standard. “And then everything came out again and I realized I didn’t heal. I repressed and I coped, I adjusted, I went on, so there was a layer of healing because it didn’t stop me from growing. But it was very painful for a long time. I didn’t know there were so many other women affected and that it went so deep. It was very shocking. But the fact that we [took action] together made it really healing.” Following a pair of 2017 reports alleging Weinstein had sexually assaulted, harassed and/or raped multiple women, survivors continued coming forward until nearly 100 had told similar stories. Weinstein, 68, is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence on rape and sexual assault charges. Todaym Hayek says she’s “moved on,” explaining to the Standard: “I lived with that for long enough and I detach myself from it now.”

Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne get candid about how addiction’s affected their family

Addiction has played a central role in the Osbourne family’s lives for as long as they’ve been a family. But today, recovery’s a theme in the lives of Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne, too. In a recent interview with Variety, Ozzy, Sharon and Jack spoke candidly about the toll addiction’s taken on their lives — and shared some insights into how why recovery has worked for Ozzy, Jack and Kelly. “I thought I’d be drinking to the day I die,” said Ozzy, 72. Instead, he’s been sober for seven years, thanks in large part to the efforts of his wife and manager Sharon, 68. “I’ve always been self-medicating because I’ve never liked the way I felt. I’ve had great success in my life, but I’ve never felt great about myself,” Ozzy admitted. Those negative feelings led to substance abuse that Sharon said looked so awful she assumed her kids would simply want to avoid booze and drugs because of what they did to their dad. But for Jack, who at 35 has 17 years of sobriety under his belt, and 36-year-old Kelly, who got sober again after relapse in 2017, that’s not how things unfolded. Jack admitted he was “drinking a lot” in his teens while struggling with depression. “I guess I didn’t want to be the downside of [substance abuse],” he explained. “I wanted to be the upside of it, because the upside of it, when things were great, it seemed like a lot of fun. I wanted the excitement of crazy adventures inebriated.” Added Ozzy: “It’s a very selfish disease. My kids needed me. … I had a row with Jack. I had to talk business. And I said … ‘I’ll give you whatever you want.’ He says, ‘What about a father?’ … It knocked me sideways.”

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