Taco Bell Just Gave Your Favorite Menu Item An Upgrade & Sounds Unreal

One of your favorite Tex-Mex eateries is gearing up to make these next few summer months even wilder than you’d imagined. Taco Bell has announced that it will be continue to help fans “live más" by bringing back a fan-favorite menu item, this time with a delicious upgrade. Devotees of the fast food chain might remember when the popular Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa first hit the fast food chain last January, and quickly made us renounce our go-to tortillas in favor of crunchy golden shells made entirely out of crispy breaded chicken breast. Now, ‪Taco Bell’s Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa is here to make all your fried chicken dreams come true with a sauce that’s — dare I say  — even better than the original.

Starting Thursday, March 10 for a limited time, customers can head to their nearest Taco Bell to enjoy the original Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa in all its crunchy glory, as well as the new Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa. If you need a refresher (after all, it’s been over a year since we last had one, but hey, who’s counting), this special Taco Bell treat delights your taste buds with a seasoned shell made entirely out of ‪all-white meat, antibiotic-free crispy chicken. Inside, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and creamy avocado ranch sauce come together for a filling that can only be described as heavenly.

Now, how do you make this combination even better? According to a press release, Taco Bell is bringing back the same mouthwatering fried chicken goodness with the new Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa, but with a new bold and smoky Wild sauce for customers who want something packed with even more flavor than the original.

No surprises here: The finished product looks melt-in-your-mouth incredible, and it’s just $2.99.

Unfortunately, these goodies are only available for a limited time, so I’d suggest running — not walking — to your nearest Taco Bell on opening day. And just because Taco Bell flavors are too good to resist, I’ll be snagging a bag or two of the chain’s brand new Tortilla chips. They’re available in fire, mild, and classic at select convenience stores and groceries starting in May. I’m on my way there.

In other Taco Bell news, the delicious gooey cheese-topped nacho fries are coming back this summer, so there’s also that.

Although it might have taken over a year for Taco Bell’s Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa to head back to the menu along with its new and sassy sidekick, this is one instance where it looks like it was truly worth the wait. Here’s to hoping that Taco Bell gets the hint and decides to make what’s sure to be another successful cult favorite a permanent part of the menu.

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