Tamar Braxton Says Issues in Her Marriage Contributed to Her Stepping Away From the Music Business

It’s been several years since Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert split. The former couple’s marriage was front and center on their reality series and fans were there to witness its demise. Braxton says mixing their business and personal lives is the biggest mistake she made in the marriage. So much so, that she fell out of love with the music business overall.

Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton’s marriage involved Herbert working as Braxton’s manager

Braxton Family Values viewers remember Braxton’s quest of getting Herbert to manage her. In season 1, Braxton became adamant about jumpstarting her career, feeling that in her early 30’s the time to become a successful artist was slipping away. The two would argue often as Braxton felt Herbert was straggling her along and Herbert complaining of Braxton being hardheaded.

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By season 2, the couple were in business together, with Herbert working to help make Braxton a success. Their We TV spinoff documented Braxton’s rise to solo success.

But Braxton says their business issues transferred into their personal lives, causing lines to blur. Braxton became frustrated with the feeling that Herbert didn’t communicate her business affairs. 

“It wasn’t working anymore. I couldn’t talk about work, I couldn’t ask about work, I couldn’t ask about the relationship, he couldn’t ask me nothing. It was just a toxic situation for us both,” Braxton says in a confessional. 

During the last season of Tamar & Vince, she fought for new management in an attempt to save her marriage. 

Tamar Braxton says her marital issues and divorce left a negative stain on her love for the music business

Braxton believed her desire to separate business from personal with Herbet went on deaf ears. As a result, she vowed her 2017 album Bluebird of Happiness would be her last. She says the decision came in an attempt to salvage her marriage.

“There’s a lot of things that are going on in my relationship and me being close to this music industry, and whatever I can do to eliminate all of the stress and problems off of my relationship, I would rather do that,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2017. 

She filed for divorce in October 2017, a month before their nine-year wedding anniversary. The divorce was finalized in the summer of 2019. 

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In a recent interview with Rick & Sasha, Braxton says working so closely with Herbert was a huge factor in her falling out of love with music and the business.

“I was so turned off by it from the divorce and the business because I just felt like R&B music has changed so much and I just didn’t know where I fit at that time,” she says. “It also had a lot to do with the emotional stress that I was going through and the connection with my music and my marriage and things like that.”

Braxton’s newest single, “Crazy Kind of Love,” became her seventh top 10 hit. It’s her first single in three years and she says creating the song helped her fall back in love with music.

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