Tana Mongeau Apologizes For Attending ‘Huge’ House Party Amid Coronavirus Pandemic!

Tana Mongeau knows she needs to set a better example!

The YouTube titan took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday to apologize after attending a party that broke social distancing rules during the coronavirus pandemic and saying “we don’t f**king care” in a video.

The apology came after the 22-year-old and several other internet stars — including James Charles and Nikita Dragun — were called out by Tyler Oakley for “partying in large groups” despite renewed COVID-19 restrictions in California. 

He wrote:

“if your favorite influencers are at huge house parties during a pandemic (& are dumb enough to post it on social media)… they are bad influences. unfollow them.” 

Oakley didn’t say who was throwing the party, but the tweets came after a massive birthday bash was thrown for TikTok star Larray (real name Larri Merritt) on Tuesday.

In response to being called out this weekend, Tana admitted she wasn’t being a very good influencer and insisted to her fans she wanted to “be better than this”:

“Partying/going to any social gatherings during a global pandemic was such a careless and irresponsible action on my behalf. I fully hold myself accountable for this + will be staying inside. Actions like that don’t deserve a platform and I want to fully apologize and be better than this.”

Sounds like she really regrets her actions… or at least regrets people finding out about them! Tana went on to clarify the part of the video where she and YouTuber Erika Costel say “we don’t f**king care,” telling followers they were not referring to social distancing guidelines. She explained:

“While Erika and I were referring to past drama in our video the topic no longer matters — I need to be a better example and person.” 

Well, at least she’s self-aware! The drama came weeks after Tana shared her coronavirus test results to prove to fans she tested negative. 

In response to a Twitic who wrote, “What’s funny is @tanamongeau got tested positive for corona but she’s been going out every night Sneezing faceSneezing face but that’s none of my business,” Tana shared her test results, tweeting:

my bad my personal info is all over this document and i’ve never rly had to tweet a medical record before haha :)”

Of course, that test was taken on June 30 — weeks before Tana and co. hit up that large party. Do U think Tana will actually stay “inside” going forward like she said she would?

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