Taylor Swift Dishes On From The Vault Song ‘That’s When’

Taylor Swift is revealing the story behind her new song “That’s When“!

If you didn’t know, the 31-year-old’s track is one of the new “From The Vault” songs on her Fearless (Taylor’s Version) re-record, and it features Keith Urban.

“We ended up ultimately writing a song about someone who is in love, is in a relationship, but just all of a sudden is like, ‘Wait, I just need, I need some space. I need to think about this.’ And kind of, leaves. And what does the other person do,” Taylor told Apple Music.

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If you missed it, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) debuted with massive success (of course, we expect nothing less!) and was number one in many countries all of the world. See just how well the album did!

Taylor also recently revealed that she is already in the studio working on her next re-recorded album, and fans are thinking it is this album…

Listen to the song inside…

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