Taylor Swift Has a Closet Full of Cardigans In New Capital One Commercial

Taylor Swift is starring in a new Capital One commercial!

The 30-year-old singer continues her partnership with the financial company, and appears in the ad, where she shows off an entire closet full of folklore cardigans.

“It’s looking kind of chilly out today, what am I going to wear,” Taylor says in a voiceover before walking over to open her closet.

“I think I’ll go with… a cardigan!” she says as she picks one out, winks and walks away.

“We might be biased, but we’d say partnering with @taylorswift13 again was the easiest decision in the history of decisions. Watch closely for some easter eggs playing hide + seek in Taylor’s closet!” Capital One shared on Twitter.

If you missed it, Taylor is now free to do this, finally…

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