Taylor Swift stalker sentenced to six months behind bars

He couldn’t shake off his obsession with pop ​star Taylor Swift, and now her stalker is going to jail.

Mohammed Jaffar, who lurk​​ed around Swift’s Tribeca condo building for months — even making it up to her roof — in the hopes of getting a face-to-face meeting with the star, was sentenced to six months in jail with five months of probation.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward handed down the sentence Monday to the 30-year-old after he pleaded guilty last week to attempted burglary in the second degree related to the stalking.

“The sentence imposed will not only benefit you, but society,” Ward told Jaffar, who was wearing a beige prison jumpsuit, during the court appearance.

“You are to have no contact with Taylor Swift, including no phone calls, no letters, no face-to-face communication, no contact with third parties,” Ward said as she ordered that Jaffar also complete a drug treatment program.

As Jaffar was sentenced, his brother, who was in the courtroom, muttered, “This is ridiculous.”

Jaffar first started his creeping on the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” songbird back in December 2016, when he arrived at the star’s Franklin Street address and requested a sit-down with her before he was ordered to leave, according to court documents.

The overly obsessed fan refused to take no for an answer and proceeded to show up at Swift’s building four more times over the next two months.

On Feb. 6, 2017, Jaffar actually entered the building and was seen on surveillance footage lingering in the hallway outside Swift’s penthouse apartment door and on the building’s roof for hours on end.

Jaffar was ultimately busted a month later on charges of stalking and burglary.

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