Teddi Mellencamp: Fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Being Boring and Terrible?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may look very different in 2021.

As you very likely know by now, Denise Richards will not return for another run as a main cast member/punching bag, having confirrmed her departure earlier this month.

Not long after this announcement, meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that another Beverly Hills resident may be on her way out.

Not by her own volition, however.

“The network has not been impressed with her performance on the show,” a source tells The Daily Mail of Teddi Mellencamp, adding:

“They considered cutting her last season but gave her one last chance.”

Why might this reality star be given the boot?

“She is boring and stale and does not offer anything to the franchise with her robotic and staged delivery when interacting with the other cast members,” the insider says, clearly holding nothing back.

“The issue is, the other cast members don’t particularly like her and beyond Kyle [Richards], no one is friends with her.”

There’s another issue with Mellencamp, too.

It came out a few days ago that many users of her diet plan (All In By Teddi) are pretty darn pissed about the program, likening it to a form of bullying.

Patrons of this program spend up to $600 per month and are assigned an accountability coach, to whom they must constantly report their daily weight and caloric intake.

If they eat more than 500 calories or so each day? If they drink alcohol?

If they violate the terms of their so-called health agreement with Teddi’s company in any way at all?

They are immediately let go… with no refund.

It sounds barbaric and totally insane. 

Mellencamp has defended the extreme diet, but plenty of Bravo viewers want her gone from the franchise anyway.

There’s a petition going around the Internet to have her fired from the series.

“Teddi Boring Mellencamp has become a dangerous human being!” a fan named Tommy wrote in the description of his petition.

“Her self-entitlement and wardrobe and style is horrible!

“Teddi possesses the trait of trying to be a mean girl and, sadly be the lopsided doll minded version of Kyle Richards that Kyle keeps in her back pocket.”

Critics of the star’s diet plan have posted such comments online as:

“I did this program and It was a nightmare. You have to send photos of your weight and each meal and proof of your 60 minute cardio workout everyday.”

But Teddit has dismissed them, simply saying she’s “proud” of the 15,000-plus individuals she has helped.

One person she did not help, however? Richards.

“Teddi stuck her nose, not her original one, in Denise Richards’ business causing a huge blowup and for one of the fan favorites to leave the show!” the petition-creator added.

“Teddi will forever be known only because of her father, oh and don’t get me started on the bullying of bigger women she does!”

Added Tommy in his Change.org petition, which has  300 signatures right now:

“Let’s get Teddi Mellencamp off of RHOBH.”

We have no idea if this will happen or not.

However, a fake Tweet from Teddi this past season read:

“Hope everyone enjoys tonight’s episode of #RHOBH — it’s a bumpy ride! After 3 seasons, I have decided to walk away from the show.

“I wish the cast, production and Bravo all the best in future seasons, and I am grateful that I have made some lifelong friends out of this experience.”

Responded Teddi, upon sharing it online: “I didn’t tweet this but thanks for the extra press.”

Mellencamp, unfortunately, also had to respond to trolls who threatened her family members this summer because they believe that she outed Denise when she revealed the alleged Brandi Glanville affair.

“You don’t always have to agree with me. You don’t even have to like me but wishing someone would die is taking it to the next level,” she said at the time.

Please watch the show. Enjoy it. It’s entertainment and our lives can be crazy! Pick your faves and your villains, laugh, cry, relate etc but wishing death on another human is just wrong on so many levels.

“I hope those that follow me or those that just come on to troll can understand and respect that this needs to stop.”

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