The Easiest Ways to Clean Your TV (and Why You Totally Should)

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When was the last time you cleaned your TV? As one of the most prominent pieces of equipment in your home, your TV is probably exposed to more than you think. And we’re talking dust, cobwebs, pet hair and dirt, not to mention germs and bacteria in the air. Think of how often you’re touching your TV and the remote too. If your TV is near the kitchen, lingering odors and oils in the air could also be hitting your screen’s surface.

The best way to keep your screen clean — and your display crystal clear — is to start using a TV cleaner.

How to Clean Your TV

Figuring out what to use to clean your TV isn’t that complicated, but there are definitely one or two things you should avoid. Do turn your TV off before you get started. Don’t reach for the typical glass cleaner. Here are some other specifics.

Cloth: A soft microfiber cloth or flannel is the best material to use when cleaning a delicate flat screen. Paper towels or rags are a little rougher and could cause scratches you’d rather avoid. Plus, they’re generally thin and cheaper, leading to bits of paper breaking off and getting stuck on your screen.

Cleaning Solution: Moistening your cloth with a bit of water is generally more than enough to clean off everyday dust and debris. But if it’s not, you can always use a special screen cleaning solution, which is designed to get out gunk while being gentle on your TV surface. Harsh cleaning solutions like glass cleaner or other cleaners you would use for the rest of your house could react badly with the screen and cause permanent discoloration.

Specialty Products: There are also specially formulated products like wipes or cleaning sprays that are designed to be used on TV and computer screens without causing damage to the surface or the color. Sprays often come with a microfiber cloth included, and all of these products are made with mild, non-toxic ingredients.

1. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Simple microfiber cloths like these Amazon-branded ones are perfect for cleaning off delicate screens either dry or moistened slightly with a cleaning solution. The cloths are gentle on surfaces and can be tossed in the washing machine and re-used.

We like these microfiber cloths for cleaning your TV but they’re also useful to have in the house for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces (say, lighting and furniture) or as paper towel replacements when you want to wipe down a counter or desk.


2. Windex Electronics Screen Wipes

It’s hard to beat wipes when it comes to ease of use. We like these Windex wipes because they come in large quantities from a trusted brand, made with gentle ingredients that are safe to use on all screens, from your TV to your laptop.


3. Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray

This spray comes with a plush microfiber cloth included, which is helpful, and makes screens look shiny and new in a matter of seconds. And according to the product notes, each use keeps your screen cleaner for longer, requiring less product each time.


4. EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner

We always like to include an environmentally conscious option, like this EcoMoist screen cleaner, which is non-toxic, alcohol free, and hypoallergenic according to the manufacturer notes. It also comes with a microfiber cloth included.


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