The Flash Reveals West Allen Family Portrait in New Poster

The West Allens reveal their first family portrait in the new poster for The Flash.

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton stand behind Jessica Parker Kennedy, who dons her speedster gear as Nora West-Allen, in the new image.

Executive producer Todd Helbing opened up to after the characters’ reveal in the season four finale and shared that “with [Nora], it’s the time that she comes from and what she did,” that shakes up the series.

“She makes this sort of big mistake at the end of the episode — you see the concern of what she’s done, and Barry certainly learned his lessons from time travel, so now it’s going to be interesting to put him on the different side of the problem and see how he can help her fix it.”

Candice adds that Iris’ dynamic with Nora is something fans should look forward too as well.

“Iris is very, very excited and eager to get to know her daughter who’s back from the future,” Candice shared in an interview. “And I think that, as we hinted in the finale last season, that’s kind of met with some coldness from Nora. Which we’ll get into later in the season, why there’s some distance in between the two of them.”

“It’s been really interesting to play this dynamic of Iris really wanting to enjoy this time with her daughter, and figuring out why Nora’s kind of not into that.”

The Flash returns in October on The CW.

Meet the West-Allen family. Catch up before the season premiere Tuesday, October 9 on The CW. Link in bio. #TheFlash

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