‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Writer-Director On Bringing AI Into Season 3: “There Was A Tremendous Freedom To Start A New Chapter” – Contenders TV

The latest incarnation of Starz’s Steven Soderbergh-created anthology series The Girlfriend Experience sees its main character Iris (Julia Goldani Teyes), a neuroscience student, transported to London and into the world of deep tech and artificial intelligence. Along the way, she discovers that her side gig as an escort has some spooky parallels with her day job developing and researching AI for a tech company.

Creator, co-executive producer, director and writer Anja Marquardt explained the draw of bringing the AI concept into this show. “It’s been a long journey, very interesting,” she said during the show’s panel at Deadline’s Contenders Television awards-season event. “I was able to Trojan Horse a lot of my own interests into this third installment, and there was a tremendous freedom to start a new chapter. I brought AI, neuroscience, future-facing science – all this stuff was in my orbit these past few years.”

Teyes found the role of Iris satisfying and multi-layered.

“I was always such a big fan of this show,” she said. “When they sent it to me, when I was doing press for the last season of The Affair, I was like, ‘Holy sh*t’. I was so excited. This is such a great fully-formed character on the page.

“Anja clearly had to wear a lot of hats and she was so wonderful at writing the vulnerability, and the soul and the history of the character and grounding her in family dynamics and a real place. And at the same time, that juxtaposed with her intelligence, her drive, her hunger for power.”

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