The Key To Lana Condor, Janel Parrish & Anna Cathcart’s Sisterly Bond was Sushi

One of the best things in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is the relationship between the Covey sisters – Margot, Lara Jean and Kitty.

Lana Condor opened up to Decider about how that bond was cemented off screen with Anna Cathcart and Janel Parrish.

“Very early on, Anna, Janel and I had sushi dates and we hung out in my apartment,” Lana shared. “Janel and I were living in the same building and Anna was at her house. But Janel was literally right across the hall from me so I would go there and hang out and we would just talk.”

She adds that, “We all had a really awesome relationship outside of work as well and I think that’s why it’s really convincing. You can tell that we all just really, really get along and love each other because we made the effort to connect outside and hang out all the time.”

But sushi dates were a key factor – as well as puppies!

“Anna brought her little dog over to my place once and we played with the dog. It was a true dream come true, these girls are incredible and I think the kindest people I’ve ever worked with.”

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is streaming now on Netflix.

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