‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 Is Preparing for Fall Filming Amid Pandemic

The Masked Singer will return this year – but the plans are evolving amid the pandemic.

FOX is planning to produce a new season of the show beginning this fall, THR reported on Friday (June 26).

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“We’re full steam ahead, but everyone’s operating in their isolated bubbles in their houses. We’re getting the work done. It takes a lot longer, I’m not going to lie,” said executive producer Craig Plestis during a panel.

“It’s making sure everyone is protected going into production, with testing and everything else and limited amount of people on set, and keeping people even when they get to production in isolated positions. Safety is key all the way across for our crew and our talent. It’s a lot of extra work, a lot of extra money, but it’s worth it to produce this.”

The Masked Singer is currently the one show on the Fox fall schedule that has not already been filmed. The idea of a live audience is still being discussed.

“We’re still going over plans for a possible audience. We’re not shooting for a while so we’ll see what happens in the next few months,” he said.

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