The Queen probably won’t give Prince Harry’s military patronages to William

Most of the royal and royal-press hissy fits from the past year have been solely about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex outmaneuvering everyone. Harry and Meghan called a lot of bluffs, they moved to California, and they proceeded to WIN. One of the very few ways that the Windsors and the media could still “hurt” Harry was through his commitment to the military and veterans community. So that became the subject of so many increasingly hysterical stories and threats of punitive action: the Queen will force Harry out of his royal patronages and strip him of his military titles. Because the Queen is petty and horrible. Harry probably won’t even be able to wear his dress uniforms anymore. An extra layer to all of this was the feeling that Prince William was now going to step into Harry’s former military roles, because William has always wanted what Harry has, but William doesn’t want to work for any of it. Now the Sun reports that it’s actually sort of unlikely that the Queen will give those patronages to William though:

The Queen is set to make the final decision on who takes over Prince Harry’s honorary military titles and patronages. Royal insiders fear reigniting a brotherly row if William is handed Harry’s most treasured role of Captain General of the Royal Marines.

Princess Anne is widely expected to become the first female head of the marines, adding to her 33 honorary military titles. However, Prince Edward is ruled out as he quit the elite force after only three weeks of commando training in 1987.

Finishing touches are being put in place for the couple’s future life outside the Royal Family after a 12-month review was ordered. Palace chiefs will make a public announcement several weeks before the March 31 deadline but their replacements will not be named until the summer.

A royal source said: “Ultimately, it’s the Queen’s decision. The posts are in her gift.”

William and Harry barely spoke after Megxit with the future king accusing his sibling of “betraying” the Queen.

Another source said: “Who takes over from Harry is a thorny issue in the family so giving the Queen the final say is the right thing to do.”

Harry is set to lose his Royal Marines title, as well as his roles as Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington near Bury St Edmunds and Commodore-in-Chief of Small Ships and Diving.

[From The Sun]

It occurs to me that some of those military branches have quietly informed the Palace that they actually have no interest in having Work-Shy Will as their patron. While it “looks good” on paper to have a “future king” as your royal patron, William is close to 40 years old and he has a long history of not wanting to do much with his patronages. I mean, sure, he’ll put in an appearance once every couple of years. But William only really wanted Harry’s military titles because they belonged to Harry. William would do f–k all with them once he got them. The Royal Marines will probably be pretty happy to have Princess Anne though?

Also, this just came out:

— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) February 19, 2021

LOL, the Queen is trying to make it sound like she had no choice but to punish Harry and Meghan, what could she do, they refused to come back even when it was clear that they would continue to be bullied, harassed, marginalized, slandered and abused. What could the Queen do, people?!?

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