The royal family worries that the Sussexes rushed into ‘the shark-tank of Hollywood’

I feel so happy knowing that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in America right now. While the British press and royal family can still do a lot to “hurt” Meghan and Harry, they are much better here in America right now. And we still feel protective of their little family. Meanwhile, the British papers are still trying to poke at them from thousands of miles away. According to the Daily Mail’s sources, Harry and Meghan are staying in Malibu:

This week, this narrow, 21-mile sliver of paradise, threaded between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is thrumming with intrigue over the rumour (well-founded, according to the Daily Mail’s sources) that Meghan and Harry are house-hunting there. From Simon Cowell to Sting, Jennifer Aniston to Julia Roberts, Bob Dylan to Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Malibu is so cluttered with movie legends, rock idols and tycoons that, ordinarily, the advent of one more celebrity couple wouldn’t raise a plucked eyebrow.

Yet such is the hoopla around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s sudden flit from Canada to California — and the unseemly eagerness of estate agents to hook them as clients at a time when the property market is at a standstill — that everyone is talking about their arrival. Since the beaches are now cordoned by yellow police tape, and the restaurants and bars closed, the coronavirus lockdown has given the couple the privacy they claim to crave.

They have not yet been spotted, but word has it that the couple have hunkered down with ten-month-old Archie in one of several Malibu properties owned by the mega-rich oil mogul John B. Hess. Last autumn, in a ceremony described by one guest as ‘the finest spectacle Rome has seen’, Mr Hess’s son, Michael, 33, was married to one of Meghan’s closest friends, fashion designer Misha Nonoo, so this would make sense.

[From The Daily Mail]

*shrug* It would not surprise me at all if they were staying in a friend of a friend’s Malibu home for the time being. There’s a reason Meghan is so good at networking – that contact list comes in handy in times of crisis. This made me laugh – the “lockdown has given the couple the privacy they claim to crave.” Like, how dare they “claim” to want privacy? How dare they… go completely silent? Speaking of, this story also made me lmao: apparently, the royal family is super-concerned that “the shark-tank of Hollywood” will be too much for the Sussexes. As opposed to the den of vipers within the royal family?

Prince Harry and Meghan have been urged to wait six months before announcing new projects amid Palace fears they have rushed into the “shark tank of Hollywood”. Sources have revealed Harry is “desperate to stop moving around” while Meghan is “pursuing many different avenues” with “increasing intensity”.

A Palace source said: “Everyone around them, both in the family and anyone who worked for them, is of the view they would do well to take some time out, perhaps six months will do them well right now. They haven’t listened to anyone but themselves and we are where we are. Hollywood is a shark tank and if they are not careful it could all end in tears. There’s no protection for them apart from those who are out to make money from them. They have entered a very different world – one Meghan was on the periphery of in her previous life and that Harry has never once been involved in.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Just… imagine the Windsors really feeling this way? The Sussexes shouldn’t pursue private work in LA because everyone there just wants to make money off of them! As opposed to England, where the press is desperate to make money off of smearing them, and the Windsors are desperate to toss them under any and all available buses. Besides, Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they are taking time off and hitting pause on their plans, but that pause is because of the pandemic, not because “Hollywood is full of sharks!” Please.

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