The Sun Claims The Queen Told The Bickering Duchesses To Cut Their Crap For Christmas

When I heard Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine would end up spending Christmas together with THE QUEEN at her country estate, I figured their feuding would escalate to Kate snickering when Meghan sat down on a Whoopee cushion left on her chair, and Meghan would strike back by short-sheeting Kate’s bed. Alas, QE2 probably saw this coming and wasn’t about to have her Sandringham estate turned into hazing week at the Kappa Gamma house. Meghan and Kate were seen strolling en route to church looking like old chums, and The Sun’s creative writing interns say that wasn’t a coincidence.

The Sun kept this story going by saying that the whole smiles-and-hugging show put on Christmas Day by Meghan and Kate was a direct order from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. A source says the Queen ordered Meghan and Kate to make peace for the holiday, thus we got to see Prince William, Kate, Meghan, and Prince Harry put on a display of acting that could best be described as somewhere between one of Meghan’s Hallmark Channel movies and one of her more mediocre seasons of Suits. Another snitch said, “It was a bit uncomfortable.” That means something since this is about the family who has to break bread with alleged relationship saboteur Duchess Camilla every night of the week!

Yet another source is trying to say the Queen and Charles normally don’t interfere in people’s private lives (mmmhmmm), but extending the rift into the holidays would have been too much:

“The Queen and Charles have allowed the situation to play out without overtly interfering — but they both made it clear that Christmas was for the whole family to really come together. That meant the two couples walking into church together as the Fab Four just like they had last year. Yes, it was awkward and uncomfortable given what’s gone on over the past 12 months.But the alternative of even more negativity on Christmas Day wasn’t worth thinking about.”

Yes, rather than an open brawl, we get the “healthy” alternative that every normal family partakes in at the holidays: grinning at your relatives while screaming “SCREW YOU” at them on the inside!


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