The Untold Truth Of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Bravo’s second season of the reality show Below Deck Sailing Yacht debuted on March 1, and fans are already rabid to dive back into the world of chartered sea vessels. The show follows the highs and lows of a team of people who sail charter boats in Croatia’s Ionoian Sea. 

The show is part of a series of spin-offs based on the original Below Deck, which has proven to be massively successful for Bravo. After 23 seasons, it’s no surprise that two spin-offs were born: Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht. Men’s Health writes that people love all three shows because “the series has exposed the underbelly of ultra-luxurious yachting industry, from nit-picky clients and pesky pool toys to drug scandals and affairs with charter guests that — wait for it — rocked the boat.”

Season two of Sailing Yacht features a lot of new faces, including Daisy Kelliher, Daniele Soares, Alli Dore, Natasha de Bourg, Colin Macrae, Gary King, Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, and, of course, a familiar face: Captain Glenn Shephard (via Men’s Health).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 features a brand new cast

This year’s team is full of brand new faces, which a lot of fans think was the right move. Decider shares, “Season 1 was a new adventure into the sailing world, and it wasn’t all bad, but there were few bright spots in the casting. The mix was never quite right — if anything, it was all wrong. Not to discriminate against those that have found love in their lives, because congrats or whatever, but this season is working with an all-single cast and I’m here for it.”

The new cast is definitely expected to shake things up. Daisy Kelliher is already making waves due to the fact that she’s Irish. The Irish Examiner writes that “the sea is in her blood” and notes that her Irish grandfather, Eddie Kelliher, was part of the Royal Irish Yacht Club and even competed for Ireland in the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Captain Glenn Shephard likes the new team

Luckily, Captain Shephard is a big fan of the new Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew. While he told Us Weekly that he believes Gary King is “a bit of a party animal,” he also added that he appreciates King’s sailing skills. “He’s a good sailor. I could relax a little bit with a right-hand man there. I didn’t have to explain to him, he understands.”

Captain Shephard also offered a little bit of dirt: Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux and Gary King aren’t really good friends, but luckily they were able to work well together. “I don’t know that he and Gary got on perfectly, but I think they manage the season and their department quite well” (via Us Weekly).

That’s not the only drama that viewers can expect to see this season. Captain Shephard added that there is “always” tension between the chef and the Stewardess, and this year is no exception. “You always have conflict between those two departments and it’s also critical that they work well together because it’s a big part of what we do” (via Us Weekly).

Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht will be pretty risque

Captain Shephard isn’t the only one reporting on season two antics and drama! Daisy Kelliher told the Irish Examiner that viewers need to buckle in and be prepared for quite a lot this time around. “There was definitely a lot of sex. I don’t know if it was Covid. I don’t know. So, like, people hadn’t been around other people in a while or what was going on. But there was definitely something in the air. It was like, wow, this a lot. Even for yachties, it was a lot.”

However, she also added that the entire cast was pretty great, even with the drama. “To be honest, the whole crew was pretty strong. If you took a bit of the drama out, I thought we were a good team, just kind of crazy personalities” (via the Irish Examiner). It definitely seems that there will be plenty of content for viewers to engage in and debate!

Chef Adam Glick is glad to be back

There is another face that will be familiar to Below Deck fans: chef Adam Glick! He’s returned to the series after spending two seasons working as the chef on Below Deck: Mediterranean. Glick told Vulture that the decision to return was an easy one.

“I think everyone enjoys a little adventure every now and then. To be candid with you, when Bravo calls you up and says, ‘Hey, you wanna do another series?,’ you say yes. That’s the reality of the situation. But after traveling around for such a long time, I thought it would be a good little option to cruise out to Greece for six weeks, and [then] I could get back to my road trip.”

He also added that cooking in a sailboat kitchen can definitely be a challenge. “When you’re under sail, it’s a challenge to get around. And from the chef’s perspective, it’s particularly difficult because I’m trying to handle objects that are not intended to be stood up, ever — that is not ideal when you’re on a 30-degree lean for hours straight” (via Vulture).

All in all, Below Deck Sailing Yacht should be plenty of fun

All in all, it seems like season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht will truly be a great one. Captain Shephard told E! that he believes there’s “something really special” about season two’s cast. He also added, “They’re crazy, for sure. They know how to party. They’re a bit wild, but they’re all really great people. They’re very, very positive and focused on the job in front of them.”

Despite that fervor for partying, Captain Shephard made sure he kept a close eye on the team. He also understood why they were so antsy in the first place. “Working on a yacht in a busy charter season is a bit of a pressure cooker. So, when there are not guests around, I will let them blow off a little steam—but I want to keep my eye on it, so it doesn’t get out of hand” (via E!).

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