The Voice Recap: The Battle Rounds (Finally!) Begin

The current season of The Voice has not been all that memorable. 

Maybe the dreaded reality TV fatigue is finally setting in, but NBC is milking the show like crazy. 

The Blind Auditions have been dragged out for dear life, and while the Battle Rounds finally kicked off on Monday’s installment, there were still some auditions at the start of the episode. 

But were any of them actually worthy of advancing? 

Let’s break down the final auditions and the first battles of the season. 

Emily Hough – “Big Yellow Taxi” (Team Adam)

Meh. That perfectly sums up my thoughts on Emily. Adam, Blake, and Jennifer were taken in by her stunning personality, but the actual performance was all over the place. 

It wasn’t memorable by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m unsure if she will even make it past the battles. 

Josh Davis – “Too Good at Goodbyes” (Team Kelly)

Josh was once in a band that had a record deal, so you would think he would have the vocals to take him quite far into the process. 

The most surprising thing here is that Kelly wanted him on her team. He was awful. 

Katrina Cain – “Rhiannon” (Team Blake)

Canceling your honeymoon for an audition is a ballsy move and one that paid off for Katrina. Move over everyone else, the winner might as well be crowned right now. 

Seriously, this was a stunning performance from Katrina. She had perfect control of her voice and should remain here to the end. 

Matt Johnson – “Never Too Much” (Team Jennifer)

Matt devoted his performance to his mother who was battling cancer. The biggest issue with this performance is that it was uneven. 

Now, there’s a case to be made for first performance nerves, and that’s to be expected. However, if he doesn’t get a handle on that, he could find himself out of the competitive loop very soon. 

Team Kelly: Cody Ray Raymond vs. SandyRedd – “Cry On Me”

The first battle of the season was just … wow. SandyRedd seemed like she was going to dominate this heat in rehearsals. 

She did, but Cody Ray was a formidable opponent. But Kelly kept Cody Ray. 

What the eff is going on?!

SandyRedd got a reprieve thanks to Jennifer taking her under her wing. 

Team Blake: Michael Lee vs. Joey Green – “A Thing Called Love” 

These performers are so similar that it was difficult to tell their voices apart. The glaring issue was that they were not memorable, so it was really down to the coach who would stay in. 

In the end, Michael Lee won, and there was no steal. 

Team Jennifer: Patrique Fortson vs. Colton Smith – “God Gave Me You”

Being given a Blake Shelton song is no easy task, but both Patriqye and Colton made it their own. 

There was a lot to like from both acts, but only one of them could get through. 

Jennifer kept Patrique, but Blake stole Colton, so it was positive we guess.

What are your thoughts on the latest performances?

Hit the comments. 

The Voice continues Tuesday on NBC.

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