The Voice’s Anne-Marie opens up on seeking therapy after ‘massive problem’ with self-doubt

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Anne-Marie, 29, first rose to fame as a collaborator with drum and bass group Rudimental in 2015 before she began topping the charts as a solo artist. Following her success, she became a coach on The Voice UK earlier this month.

Even when people told me I was good, I wouldn’t believe it.


While the singer may appear confident during her performances, she admitted this hasn’t always been the reality behind-the-scenes.

Anne-Marie said she struggled to believe in herself and has only just overcome feeling anxious about being a performer.

The singer said she first realised she was good when Rudimental reached out to her to perform with them.

She explained: “They wanted me to come on tour with them, [it] was a really big thing.

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“I’ve always been really anxious about it. I have huge self-doubt. Even when people told me I was good, I wouldn’t believe it.

“People might think that’s just me being humble, but honestly, it’s been a massive problem. I think if I actually believed in myself I could be one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

“I really struggle with imposter syndrome and what I’m able to do.”

Anne-Marie sought advice from a professional to help her overcome such thoughts.

Speaking to GQ Magazine, she added: “When I had loads of therapy and tried to figure out that part of me, things are better.

“I’ve got a show coming up in Dubai and it’s the first time when anxiousness isn’t taking over.

“It’s the first time my brain has switched into the excitement of doing it.”

While currently a coach on The Voice, Anne-Marie is also in the charts with her new single Don’t Play alongside KSI and Digital Farm Animals.

The singer recently revealed she was left with a broken finger while filming a fight scene for the music video.

Anne-Marie is seen taking up boxing after being bullied at school during the three-minute clip.

Explaining how her injury occurred, she said on Capital Breakfast: “You know the girl that’s bullying me at the start and I end up having a fight with her at the end?

“She’s literally like a brick wall. There’s a part where I grab her arm, and at one point, I missed her arm, and [my finger] was just gone.”

Because of this, fans may have noticed Anne-Marie’s hand is taped up for a majority of the video.

She added her finger is now in “a weird shape” following the incident.

You can catch Anne-Marie as a guest on Saturday Kitchen today.

The Voice continues tonight at 8.30pm on ITV.

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