The Weeknd Reveals Faux Plastic Surgery Disaster In ‘Save Your Tears’ Video

The Weeknd has shared a video for “Save Your Tears” from his blockbuster After Hours album.

The video for “Save Your Tears,” directed by Cliqua, continues the narrative of the previous After Hours music videos and the Weeknd’s 2020 AMA performance, when his entire face was mysteriously bandaged.

The new video shows the R&B singer performing at a masquerade party after his character received plastic surgery. The Weeknd wears the same red suit jacket and black leather gloves.

The latest video continues an established narrative of previous songs from the album. In the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Blinding Lights”, the singer is seen with a cut-up face with blood spewing everywhere.

Later the bandaged singer gets decapitated in the “In Your Eyes” video. His head gets reattached onto another man’s body in the “Too Late” video.

(Photo: Duncan Loudon)

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