Some Theories About Why Blake Lively Is Wearing a Dress and Louboutins to the Gym

Unlike most celebrities, Blake Lively doesn’t work with a stylist, making it all the more impressive that her outfit choices are consistently Pinterest gold.

But Lively’s latest ensemble raised eyebrows. Not because of the outfit, but rather the setting in which she chose to wear it.

The mom-of-two posted a funny shot to Instagram stories of herself working out in a dress and heels with trainer Don Saladino. “I’ve never been great at ‘athleisure,’” she joked, adding a sticker that read, “Wearing what I want.”


Pretty as her Jenny Packham pink frock and yellow Christian Louboutin pumps are, it wasn’t exactly the ideal ensemble for her 20-lb. weighted curls. Not to mention those Alison Lou hoops—she’d probably poke her eye out if she actually tried breaking a sweat in the statement earrings.

So why exactly is Blake wearing a dress to the gym? Below, a few theories.

1. She’s not in the mood to workout, so she’s trying to distract her trainer (his face suggests it may have worked).

2. She’s superhuman and can actually run in stilettos (probably also true).

3. She’s trying to start a new fitness trend where instead of wearing workout clothes in real life, we wear our real life clothes to workout. Leggings haters would love it.

4. The stress of having two small children at home and keeping up a full-time job made her forget to pack gym clothes (we’ve all been there).

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5. After attending the Baby2Baby Mother’s Day event, she headed to the gym to workout, and decided to take a silly photo before changing into her gym clothes. Okay fine, this one’s probably the most likely.

Now THIS is how to spend a Mother’s Day—Thank you @Baby2Baby for introducing me to some incredible moms & kids who deserve the appreciation you showed them. Thank you to @Shutterfly for giving this Mother's Day celebration and for donating enough money to buy 3 MILLION DIAPERS for babies in need. And thank you to the mamas I met, who are working through the limited opportunities they’ve been given to fight for a bright future for their children. Your love burns brightly and your babies are blessed to have you. Happy Mother’s Day. For the mamas. And #ForTheKids

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The balloon is normal size. I’m a child’s toy.

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The balloon is normal size. I’m a child’s toy.

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