There was a stowaway owl in Rockefeller Center’s Struggle Christmas Tree

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In this, our most dumpster fire year, it feels sort of nice to see some evidence of the Struggle Christmas to come. 2020 has been absolutely awful, and there’s still a raging pandemic, with millions infected with the coronavirus and a quarter of a million Americans lost. I don’t blame people for wanting to enjoy Christmas, or for trying to create some happy memories for this holiday season.

Every year, Rockefeller Center puts up a massive Christmas tree and it’s become a huge thing, with a 30 Rock Christmas concert and a big unveiling of the tree in all of it’s Christmas-light glory. The problem this year is that the 30 Rock Xmas tree is a Struggle Tree. Fitting for 2020, without a doubt. I’ve never seen a tree this big arrive so bald and struggling.

People are comparing it to the iconic Struggle Tree in a Charlie Brown Christmas, where Charlie Brown and his friends decorate a mostly bald little tree. I don’t know… it feels right? It would have felt like an inaccurate representation of the year to have a full, healthy, beautiful tree.

Meanwhile, did you see that an owl was living in the 30 Rock Christmas tree? This poor owl was like “f–k you guys, I’M NOT MOVING.” The owl is being taken care of at a wildlife center and it will be released back in the wild.

Get that owl an agent! I would literally watch a Christmas movie about The Stowaway Christmas Owl. A big-city tree guy meets a pretty owl-rescue lady and they fall in love and the owl is their baby and they bring Rocky the Owl to the Christmas tree lighting.

— Randy Rainbow (@RandyRainbow) November 18, 2020

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