This British Royal Family Member Admits to Watching ‘The Crown’!

One member of the royal family has admitted to watching The Crown!

Mike Tindall, who is married to Queen Elizabeth‘s granddaughter Zara, has admitted he needs to catch up on season three.

“I need to catch up,” Mike said on The Good, The Bad, and the Rugby podcast. “I actually saw the advert for it and I was like, ‘Ooh, I need to catch up.’ Because I only got about halfway through season three, so I started watching season three last night and then I’ll catch up. But I’ve seen it all over the place, and on these popular midday TV shows.”

“I’m quite intrigued to see where they go with it because obviously, it’s an era people are fascinated with,” he said. “It’s getting to more things that people know about, isn’t it, and have opinions about — so that’s where it gets difficult.”

He did remind everyone that it IS fiction, saying, “It’s a drama, so it’s going to be made to be a bit of a drama.”

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