This Chrissy Teigen Approved Blanket Is On Sale for 38% Off!

Chrissy Teigen is making a recommendation for a super comfy blanket and it’s on sale right now for 38% off at Nordstrom Rack!

The Barefoot Dreams blanket is normally almost $100 but is now on sale for $59.97 and you have to grab it while supplies last.

Back in December 2019, Chrissy posted, “If you are struggling for a Christmas gift for someone, get them a barefoot dreams blanket. I use mine 365. It stretches and wraps over your shoulders and feet and nothing else compares.”

Chrissy also clarified that the blanket wasn’t an ad, just a solid recommendation for those who wanna keep cozy.

We found the blanket online and it’s a hot seller, so grab it soon! Head over to Nordstrom Rack for the blanket listing – there are multiple colors available!

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