This Is the Only Reaction Kim Cattrall Has Issued to the ‘Sex & the City’ Revival News

Sex and the City is returning for another season on HBO Max with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon returning. Kim Cattrall will not reprise her iconic role of Samantha Jones in a move that wasn’t shocking to fans who have kept up with all the updates and drama.

Some backstory: In 2017, Kim revealed that she was never friends with her co-stars and the relationships on set felt “toxic.” She also revealed she wouldn’t do a third film with them. Then, months later in early 2018, Kim‘s brother suddenly passed away and Sarah Jessica wrote a comment on Kim‘s Instagram post, expressing her condolences and seemingly, mending their broken relationship. Later on, Kim suddenly lashed out at SJP for “exploiting” her family’s tragedy. Kim was rumored to be the reason why a third Sex and the City movie never came to fruition.

Now, since Monday Sunday evening’s news that Sex and the City is returning, Kim has not made any sort of public statement. She did, however, seem to subtly react to the news.

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